When buying a washing machine what are the key factors to consider


Washing machines can be hard to pick, especially if are looking for the best. With so many brands emerging off late, we completely understand how difficult it is for you to choose the right machine. But with this post we promise you will have nothing to worry about. After reading this post, you will have a good idea on all the factors you should consider before picking a washing machine for your family. So go ahead and read the post!

Here are some tips you should follow before buying a washing machine!

In case your laundry room is small

Most dish washers that are off full size or are maybe 30 inches wide need more support and a bigger washing machine. So you should actually begin by holding your tape for measure. After this you should jot down all the dimensions you just found. But always remember to keep a check on the washer so that you can fit it through the door and hallways that reach the room. The limiting factors should also be taken into consideration. The washer door can be banged on to the wall when you open.

In case your laundry room is not in your basement

The first thing you should do is ensure that the floor can handle the weight of your new washing machine. If you want a model that is quite and makes less noise or has features like les vibration when its spins, you have to look for a better quality product.

In case you have a lot of washing left to do

The dimensions of the tub are also quite important. They range from about 2.45 cubic to 6 cubic feet. Also you should consider the bells along with the whistles such as programmable settings. Even a pedestal should be seen so that you can check the back from constant stooping.

Do a bit of research

Before buying a washing machine, it is very important to do some research. Don’t go for something just because its branded. You should go to a couple of show rooms, see some really good ones and make the final pick after you have discussed with someone who has a good understanding about washing machine. Doing enough research of any home appliance is important before purchasing.

Check the size and the speed

You should also check the size and speed before choosing the right machine. If you have a small room, go for a washing machine that is small. You should only take a big machine if your room can adjust.

Should you buy a semi automatic washing machine?

If you want to buy a semi automatic washing machine, here are some things you should always know! Semi automatic washing machines are those which come with two tubs that can be used for washing and drying. In case you want to dry, all your clothes have to be transferred to the drying tub or even maybe the drying cycle. Some of the pros that fall under this category include portability, the cycle is less time consuming, water flow is not always continuous. It can be poured from top. Cons include having too many manual controls, needs a lot more space if you want the fully automatic models and needs to have the electrical connection removed when you are removing clothes.

Should you buy a fully automatic washing machine?

A fully automatic washing machine also comes with several advantages and disadvantages. You will have to consider these few points before making a final decision. Fully automatic washing machines means there will be a door which be placed right at the door where you can place the clothes inside. The clothes are moved by rotating the drum. The pros include a built in heater, quality of the wash which is better than the rest, better settings of the cycle or water efficiency. The cons include a heavier cost, washing cycle that is slow, heavier and a range that is small and limited.