What type of grill is right for you: Electric/gas/charcoal?


If you are a regular camper or you like to throw frequent parties for friends and family, a grill will be of great importance to you. For a frequent grill user, it is critical to invest in the right kind of a grill to make the most out of their cooking experience.

There are three different types of grills, electric, gas, and charcoal grill. Let’s understand the key features of each of these.

Charcoal Grill: In a charcoal grill, as the name suggests, charcoal is used as a fuel.Charcoal grills therefore take more time to heat up.You cannot just start grilling by turning the knob on, like in the case of a gas grill.In charcoal grill, the embers need to be very hot to start the cooking process, so probably you may need 20 to 30 minutes before you can actually start to grill.

However, by complementing the grill with a chimney starter,you can speed up the heating process.Self-lighting charcoal can also be used for quick burning process; however, these charcoals are covered with chemicals and tend to die out as quickly as they light up.The biggest advantage of a charcoal grill is itgivesa rich, smoky taste to the cooked food.Food gets cooked slowly, thereby retaining all the moisture and flavors inside, making it soft and juicy.

However, charcoal grills are space consuming.They need to be placed away from furniture to prevent accidental fires.Also, charcoal grills cannot be easily turned off like a gas grill.You can use water to douse the fire,but it can damage the grill.Using charcoal grill frequently can be time consuming and less fuel efficient.Though most charcoal grills may be cheaper than gas grills, the fuel cost in a charcoal grill is much higher compared to the gas grill.

Gas Grill:Gas grills are most widely used grills these days owing to their versatility, ease-of-use, and flavor of food.Gas grills tend to use natural gas or propane as fuel.They are easy to light up.You do not have to wait for the embers to burn as in the case of charcoal grill.You can start the grilling instantaneously.By using wood chips, you can imitate the same flavor in grilled food as when cooked using a charcoal grill.Nonetheless, there remains some difference in taste.

In gas grills, you can regulate the temperature of the flame, which allows for more uniform cooking, as opposed to charcoal grill where the temperature of the burning embers cannot be controlled.Some gas grills have multiple burners allowing you to cook at different temperatures at the same time.This is one of the most useful features as different foods require different heat intensities.Side burners in a gas grill allow for increased cooking options.However, gas grills too tend to take up a large amount of space.

Electric Grill: An Electric Grill is powered by electricity and allows for cleaner means of grilling than charcoal or gas.An electric grill is portable with removable parts.The biggest advantage of an electric grill is it can be used both indoors and outdoors.There is no hassle of smoke or hazards of fire when cooking indoors.These grills are low maintenance and easy to clean.They come with a lot of additional features such as oil tray, adjustable temperature, flexible grill rack height, and an ergonomically-designed handle, making the grilling process easy and fun.The electric grill is reliable and durable and it does not take up much space.

The only disadvantage is you will have to compromise on the authentic smoky flavor of food.The grilled food does not taste as good as in the case of charcoal or gas grill.Also, an electric grill cannot be used in places where there is no source of electricity.Electric grills cannot heat to very high temperatures which may be required for grilling some kinds of food, thereby restricting their grilling capabilities.


To answer the simple question what type of a grill is right for you, you can say, the grill that meets all my requirements, matches you taste needs and suits your budgetwill be the most suitable grill for you.Based on your preferences and on understanding the pros and cons of each type of a grill, you can choose between charcoal, gas, or an electric grill.