What is Auto Ignition for Gas Stoves and Cook Tops and what are the advantages


Gas stove ranges continue to be the most versatile appliance in any Indian household even today.Manufacturers boast of a lot of new appealing features in their modern versions of gas stove ranges.Of all these features, the auto ignition is the most sellable feature.

What is Auto Ignition?

An auto ignition is a mechanism by which a gas burner ignites automatically.In this mechanism, an electronic lighter is integrated in the burner setup.When the gas knob is turned in a particular position, it kicks the lighter off which then produces an electric spark that lights the burner.Once the burner ignites, the flame can be then adjusted to the desired intensity.

In the manual process of ignition, you have to first turn the gas knob on and then click a lighter or light a matchstick near the burner to ignite it.

Difference between manual and auto ignition

There are some basic differences between manual ignition and auto ignition.

  1. Auto ignition needs electricity to ignite the burner.Manual ignition needs a humble matchstick or a lighter to ignite.
  2. In auto ignition, you only have to push a button or turn the knob in a particular position in order to light up the burner.In manual method, you turn the knob on, and then light a flame with a matchstick or a lighter.
  3. Some auto ignition models are battery operated and need the battery to be replaced from time to time.Whereas in manual method, there is no battery involved so no question of battery replacement.
  4. Auto ignition models are high maintenance.You have to be careful not to damage the auto ignition circuit when cleaning the stove with water.In manual ignition, there is no battery operated electric circuit and therefore there is no fear of damaging the system at the time of cleaning.

Advantages of Auto Ignition:

  1. An auto ignition requires minimum or no assistance from the user to light up the burner.It ignites the burner automatically.
  2. You do not have to worry about exhausting the matchsticks or the lighter not working.It saves you the extra cost of buying a new lighter or a new matchbox every time.
  3. No wasting time looking for a lost matchbox or a lighter.
  4. Auto ignition ignites the burner instantly as opposed to a matchstick or a lighter.
  5. There is no wastage of fuel in case of auto ignition as the burner lights up instantly.In manual ignition, since it may take time for the lighter to click a spark or for the matchstick to catch fire, there might be some wastage of gas.


Though, manual ignition may still be the preferred method of lighting up a gas stove in India, there is an increasing shift towards auto ignition method.People are more curious to buy gas stoves with an in-built auto ignition function.It is therefore important to know the difference between the two methods of ignition and their benefits to help the user make an informed sales decision.