What is an Infrared Lamp?


An infrared lamp for home and medical use is a lamp that transmits infrared light and heat. This heat gets under your skin and into your body and works on your muscles and joints to relieve pain.

Muscular aches and pains are a common ailment. These may be due to strains or sprains. Use of infrared therapy in addition to other cures may help alleviate the pain.

While selecting an infrared lamp look for the following

1. Good , well known brand. Since you are dealing with your personal body health , you only want the best

2. A device that comes with a stand so that it can be kept a safe distance from small children and pets. Also one that does not come in the way of elders or persons who may have limited mobility

3. Select the wattage and look for specific uses. For example a low wattage and low heat lamp may be good for sensitive or smaller areas , whereas a higher wattage may be good for bigger and broader areas

4. Check the ratings and reviews of the infrared lamp that you propose to buy. User experience in terms of comfort as well as effectiveness are important. You want a lamp that does not make you feel uncomfortable for any reason

Before you use an infrared lamp to get relief from muscular aches and pains, you may want to check with your doctor about the duration and frequency of use

Infrared lamps should be available at large chemists or pharmacies or else online on marketplaces like amazon.in