What is a food processor?


A food processor is a high end appliance that facilitates tedious and cumbersome tasks involved in the process of cooking.It is the best multi-tasking kitchen appliance.Simply put, a food processor is an electrical appliance that slices, dices, mixes, or whips up a glass of cool milkshake.

A food processor comes with a number of attachments.It has interchangeable blades and disks, instead of one fixed blade.Different blades can be used to serve a different purpose.Also, the food processor is equipped with bowls that are short and wide to allow ease of use in the case of semi-solid or solid foods.Food processor can operate efficiently without adding water or any other liquid or by adding only a small amount of water or liquid.

Types of Food Processor:

There are four different types of food processors.Food processors can vary from a humble blender to an extravagant all-in-one appliance.The different types of food processors are:

Blenders are low profile kitchen appliances used to process liquids and soft foods to make juices, sauces, purees, and so on.

A hand-operated processor is mainly used to carry out basic food processing functions such as chopping vegetables, onions.

A mini food processor is a compact model of the actual food processor.It has a smaller bowl, fewer blades, and can perform fewer functions than the conventional food processor.

All-in-One Food Processor can perform multiple tasks.It is a blender, chopper, shredder, mixer, and grinder — all integrated into one unit.

Advantages of a Food Processor:

A food processor can make cooking so much easier and fun. Following are some common uses of a food processor.

1. It can serve the purpose of a blenderand mix different ingredients together to make sauces, soups,juices, purees et cetera.You can make easy breakfast spreads and lip-smacking snack dips.

2. It can be used as a chopper to chop vegetables and fruits to make veggies, salads, and coleslaws.

3. It works as a grinder to grind meat for making burger patties, kababs et cetera.

4. A food processor can efficiently shred cheese for pizzas, pastas, and sandwiches.It is a much more cost-effective alternative to buying shredded cheese from the supermarket.

5. The multi-purpose processor can help you make your own mayonnaise, jams, and ketchups fresh, without using any preservatives.

6. Grindingdry fruits to an appropriate size has become much easier with the help of a processor.These chopped or ground nuts are generally used in salads, over ice creams, custards et cetera.

7. Breadcrumbs can be made from toasted bread and cookies using a food processor.

8. Food processor also comes with dough kneading attachment to help you knead all kinds of dough, whether it be for chapatis, puris, bread, or pizzas.

Final Thoughts:

A food processor is a one-stop item for all your cooking needs. Pre-cooking tasks such as chopping or mixing that take up much of your time can be completed within a few minutes using a food processor.Adding a food processor to your list of kitchen appliances is a smartchoice.