What are the various features of a rice cooker and how to use them?


If yours is a family that eats rice daily, wouldn’t it be wonderful if your daily task of cooking rice is made simpler and convenient.Well, a rice cooker can promise you the comfort of cooking rice quickly and easily.A rice cooker is an ideal kitchen appliance that can also be used in a hostel or a dorm.It is not only convenient, but also safe, lightweight and portable.

Types of Rice Cookers: 

There are basically two types of rice cookers, With Steamer and Without Steamer.

Other types of Rice cookers are:

  1. Automatic Cooker:This type of a rice cooker cooks rice and automatically shuts the unit off.It is the most economical model.It is a simple unit without a non-stick pan or a steamer.
  1. Keeping Warm Cooker:In this rice cooker,after the rice is cooked, the cooker decreases the heat to a minimum to keep the rice warm.You have to unplug the unit to shut it off.
  1. Electronic Cook &Warm:These types of rice cookers have an integrated sensor that keeps the rice warm for nearly 12 hours.
  1. Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker:These models are high end units with special features for soups, porridges, and different rice texture settings.
  1. Induction Cookers:Induction cookers are modern units with an inbuilt induction system that delivers high performance with different types of rice.It enables evenly cooked rice.

Features of a Rice Cooker:

Here are some common features of a rice cooker and how you can use them.

  • Capacity:The capacity of a rice cooker is measured in cups.One cup of uncooked rice can amount to 1.5 cups of cooked rice.Rice cookers are available in four sizes.Small size with a capacity of 3-4 cups, medium size with 5-6 cups, large size with a capacity of 8-10 cups, and finally Jumbo that can hold more than 14cups.
  • Non-stick Pot:Some rice cookers are equipped with a non-stick inner pot for cookingas well as frying.These pots are easy to clean.
  • Transparent Lid:Models with a transparent lid should be preferred to allow you to keep a watch on the cooking process.
  • Steaming Basket:Some brands provide you with a steaming basket which facilitates steaming of idlis, potatoes, corn, vegetables.The steaming basket can also be used as a strainer/colander.Perforated metal trays are also available with some units.
  • Insulated Handles:Insulated handles is a very important safety feature.You can easily move around the cooker without the fear of getting burnt. Some brands call insulated handles as cool touch handles.
  • A Measuring Cup:Rice cookers are often accompanied with a measuring cup.Using a measuring cup will give you perfect judgment of quantity such that your rice is almost always perfectly cooked.Using excess rice may result in a spillover.

Additional Features:

  • Menu Select key for multiple cooking options
  • Porridge Cycle, a long slow cook cycle
  • Reheat Cyclethat warms the rice in 5 or10 minutes
  • Texture settings for soft, firm or sticky rice
  • Quick cook function
  • Safety features such as a fuse protector to prevent possible burns
  • Auto cord reel that keeps the power cord tucked away

Other Uses of a Rice Cooker:

The basic purpose of a rice cooker is to cook rice.However, apart from cooking rice, you can make hot drinks, soups, boil milk, &pasta in it. You can alsoprepare halwa, poha, upma, pulav, dal fry, kadhi, sambhar, stir-fried vegetables, scrambled eggs, noodles, and many more interesting dishes in a rice cooker.