What are the different types of vacuum cleaners?


For cleaning your home, it is very important to keep a vacuum cleaner. Not only are they indispensible but also a must for every Indian household. Most of us like to think that changing rugs or having better housekeeping skills work but that is definitely not the truth! If you want to keep your home spick and span, a good vacuum cleaner is what you really need. And if you’re wondering how to find the best home appliance, this post will surely read. So go ahead and read!

Canister Cleaners

If you want to go for a canister vacuum cleaner, consider checking on eBay. If you don’t know what it is, we are here to give you a detailed explanation. Cannister vacuums come with a wand that is long and is attached to a canister that also has a flexible hose. Some of the components include motors that are receptacle and can collect the dust. The canister is put on wheels which allows individuals to pull the vacuum at ease. This keeps the room clean and tiny.
Upright cleaners

Upright cleaners are also a smart choice for those who want long lasting appliances. It is not just one of the best cleaning cools but can also be used on those areas that are heavily carpeted. They come with hoses that are flexible and have immense versatility. The tools may also be used to remove dirt from all tight corners of your room and even stairs. The HEPA filters are also there to reduce dust which is released from the cleaner of the vacuum.

Electric broom cleaners

Electric brooms are also a kind of vacuum cleaner which could be used at home. They are light weighted and come with a motor that is located with a handle or a wand that connects itself to the handle of the heads. The devices can be best used at home which have very small and limited areas or carpeting. They are very light weighted and can make it very easy to clean up. Very little debris is collected in that way. They are actually quite similar to carpet sweepers that are non motorized.

Advantages of vacuum cleaners

If you buy a robotic vacuum cleaner, these are some of the benefits you will have

Comes with advances features

Robotic vacuum cleaners have new and advanced features. It helps you clean the floors faster and in an easy way. Some come with big dust bags that will last for very long. Whether its bare floor or even carpets, you can clean at ease!

Saves a lot of time

Robotic vacuums can save a whole lot of time. Plus they are not very exhausting. You can finish cleaning within minutes in fact. If you invest on a machine like this, you will be able to clean faster and in a smoother manner. Plus very little time will be invested.

Doesn’t need much maintenance

One of the best benefits about robotic vacuums is that they don’t need much maintenance. All you will ever have to do is replace the dust bag once in a while. Apart from that there is nothing else you ever need to do.

Disadvantages of vacuum cleaners

Takes up a lot of place

These vacuum cleaners take up a whole lot of space and that is something that you don’t need really!

Other disadvantages

They do not clean thick carpets very easily and the water cups tend to be very small in size. If you are looking for proper wall carpeting, maybe this is not the right appliance for you!

Clever Ways In Which You Can Use Vacuum Cleaners

Remove the carpet dents using ice

You can easily remove dents from your carpet by simply placing some ice cubes on top. When the water begins to melt, the fibers of the carpet will become more malleable. If you run a vacuum cleaner on top in order to let the carpet become straight.

Other ways

Try to use the toilet paper as an extender and buy a seam ripper in order to clean it.