What are the different types of domestic water pumps?


With climate change issues plaguing the world, several parts of the country are facing a shortage of water.Water from dams and reservoirs does not last us from one monsoon to the next.Groundwater resources are therefore becoming increasingly important.A water pump is a device designed to draw groundwater onto the surface so that it can be used for domestic, agricultural, as well as industrial purposes.

There are two basic types of water pumps depending upon their use: Domestic Water Pumps and Agricultural Water Pumps.Domestic pumps are used to draw water for domestic purposes.They supply water to homes.These pumps are less powerful and supply water ata low force.

Agricultural pumps, on the other hand, are a primary source of irrigation in rural areas.These pumps are used to irrigate agricultural land for crop production.

Domestic pumps are further categorized as follows:

  1. Centrifugal Pumps:These type of pumps use centrifugal force to pump out water.They operate with an electric motor.The Jet Centrifugal pump operates using a similar mechanism as a normal centrifugal pump, the only difference being it generates a water jet from the sucked water, which tends to improve the drawing efficiency of the pump.

Centrifugal pumps are used for drawing clear water that is free from solid impurities and chemicalsubstances.These pumps are mostly used to supply water to homes, lawn sprinklers, for filling swimming pools, draining water tanks and wells, and for irrigating small agricultural farms.Centrifugal pumps have a higher discharge rate.The pump,however,needs to be supported by a foot valve.These pumps have higher efficiency than the regenerative pumps.

  1. Submersible Pumps:Submersible Pumpsare completely submerged under water and have a concealed motor.They are mostly used in wells and borewells.Being already submerged in water, no priming is necessary for these pumps.Submersible pumps are further divided into:Open well submersible pumps and tube well submersible pumps, which are suited forborewell use.
  1. Bore well Compressor Pumps:Bore well compressor pumps are engineered to pump water from bore wells as deep as 600 feet.Water gets pulled to the top using air pressure.Compressor pumps are especially used to draw water from bore wells containing less water.The compressor pumps can be further classified as Monobloc and belt-driven.
  1. Pressure Booster Pumps:Pressure booster pumps are especially used to supply good pressure water in homes.They are installed at places where the water pressure is very low in order to boost the water pressure.A pressure tank integrated in the unit supplies water at a constant pressure across all pipes and is therefore most suited for residential complexes.
  1. Shallow Well Pumps:Shallow well pumpsare designed to be used for shallow wells mostly in the rural areas.Their suction head measures up to 8 meters, which allows for great suction capacity.
  1. Self-Prime Regenerative Pumps:A Self-Prime Regenerative Pump is designed to have vanes that rotate inside the pump to re-circulate the water back to the base of the impeller instead of discharging it out of the impeller.This method is known as re-priming which helps the pump to remove air from the pipes, and is therefore, ideal for use in pipelines.Because of the re-priming, the pump does not need an additional foot valve.


Each domestic pump has distinct salient features and is engineered to serve different purposes.Therefore, it is better to go through the features and uses of each in order to choose the right pump model and get the most out of your domestic pump.