What are the advantages of a refrigerator with the freezer at the bottom ie a Top Door Fridge?


Traditionally, we have had the freezer compartment in the upper section of the fridge. This has probably been designed keeping those consumers in mind who eat a lot of frozen foods or store non-vegetarian items that require freezing

For vegetarians and those who prefer eating freshly cooked food, a big and convenient freezer is actually not required

The advantages of having a fridge where the freezer is at the bottom are several

  1. Easy access to day to day items
  2. Easy to go through the fridge without having to bend too much and look into the back areas
  3. Good for your posture and back as the more frequent use is usually of the main fridge compartment and not the freezer
  4. Discourages you from using the freezer and therefore encourages you to eat fresh

Top door refrigerators too come in different types

  1. Single door. The advantage of which is that is easy to open and looks very neat
  2. Double door (French Door) type. The advantage is that you need not open your entire fridge and can save electricity and keep items cool by keeping the compartment only partially exposed when opened
  3. Top Door with the freezer on the one side and the fridge cooling compartment on the other side. The advantage is that this gives you full access to the freezer or cooler while standing. It can be if use where there is almost equal use of the freezer and cooler or where the freezer section has a water or ice dispenser

I am a big fan of refrigerators that have the freezer at the bottom. Its good for your back and also discourages you from having too many frozen foods and leftovers

When deciding to buy a fridge first think of the primary use and keep in mind the person who is going to use the fridge most.

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