Wet Grinders: Tilting versus Tabletop


Wet grinders are grinding machines that are used to grind soaked grains, lentils, or scraped coconut into fine paste.They are designed especially for heavy-duty grinding of batter for dosas, idlis, medu vadas, etc.Two most common types of wet grinders are tabletop wet grinders and tilting type wet grinders.

Tabletop Wet Grinder:

A tabletop wet grinder is small-sized, portable kitchen appliance that can be easily placed on a tabletop or on a counter.In a tabletop model, the drum is fixed to the assembly and cannot be tilted backwards or forwards.

Tilting Wet Grinder:

A tilting wet grinder is compact and occupies less space.In tilting models, the drum is attached to the main assembly with the help of hinges that allow the drum to tilt both forwards and backwards.

Differences between Tilting Model and Tabletop Model

  1. Ease of Removing Batter:Inatilting wet grinder, you can easilypour the batterout just by tilting the drum.You can remove the batter even from the remotest areas of the drum.Whereas in a tabletop model, removing the batter becomes difficult as you have to lift the heavy drum along with the basestone, the grinding stone, and the batter.For people having problem with their backs and who are medically advised not to lift heavy weights, lifting a heavy drum in tabletop will not be a good idea.A tilting wet grinder will be an ideal choice for them.
  1. Cleaning:A tabletop model is easy to clean as opposed to a tilting model because in a tabletop unit, you can easily detach the drum from the main assembly and wash it in a sink.In a tilting model, the drum cannot be removed from the assembly; therefore, cleaning the unit becomes a messy affair.In case you are short on time, it is better to select a tabletop model to save the cleaning time and effort.
  1. Maintenance and Repair:Tabletop grinders are easy to maintain.They do not come with springs or suspension equipment as in the case of tilting models, and therefore they do notinvolve issues with the screws or wearing out of spring. These issues cause problems to the tilting and thereby addto the repair costs.
  1. Space:Tilting wet grinders are preferred in smaller homes owing to their compact size and space saving designs.
  1. Multifunctionality:Tilting wet grinders have both wet and dry grinding capabilities.You can even make coffee powder from dry coffee beans or grind dry garam masala in a tilting model as opposed to a tabletop model.In case you want to make the most out of your wet grinder, a tilting model will be a better choice.


Both the tilting and tabletop grinders are good when it comes to their basic functionality of wet grinding.There are differences in operation and maintenance.You can choose the model that is most convenient to you.Rest assured the grinding will be just fine with both types of models.