Wet Grinders Buying Guide


What are Wet Grinders?

Wet grinders are grinding machines used to grind soaked grains, lentils, or scraped coconut into fine paste.  They are designed especially for heavy-duty grinding.  Batter for dosas, idlis, medu vada can be easily made in a short time.  Wet grinders are also used to grind chutneys or masala on a large scale.  Some grinders come in with an atta kneader attachment which can be used to knead all kinds of dough. 

Why does one need a Wet Grinder?

Wet Grinders are a must for every household that makes idlis, dosas, and other such South Indian dishes on a frequent basis.  These grinders have several advantages over a normal mixer.

  1. They allow for fast and efficient grinding.
  2. They can grind materials into a very fine paste.
  3. They can be used for grinding grains or pulses in large quantities.
  4. They can operate continuously for a longer time.
  5. Grinding with stone retains the authentic taste of the grain.

What are the different types of Wet Grinders?

There are two most commonly used wet grinders.

  1. Table Top Wet Grinder

Table top wet grinders are small in size, portable, and can be placed on top of a table.They are easy to maintain. They can be used for a variety of grinding applications, such as:

  • Preparing batter for vadas, idli, dosas
  • Making different kinds of coarse chutneys
  • Pulping of vegetables for soups
  1. Tilting Type Wet Grinder

Tilting wet grinders are compact and occupy less space.  They are more preferred in smaller homes.  Tilting wet grinders are equipped with rolling stones that make less noise. They have both wet and dry grinding capabilities.

What should you look for when buying a Wet Grinder?

When you go to buy a wet grinder, there are few key things which you need to check for.  Some of these things are listed below:

Think abouthow many members are there in your family. Depending on that,you will need to choose the right drum capacity grinder to buy.  Drum capacity of wet grinders varies from 1.25 Litres to 2 Litres for domestic segment.  It can vary from 3 litres to 45 litres for grinders manufactured for commercial use.

Wet grinders with a higher capacity drum should be preferred by larger families, while a small 1.25 Litres drum size can well serve today’s nuclear families.

Technical specifications of motor,such as single phase, 180W, with 960 rpm or 180W, 1/4 HP with 1440 rpm are also of importance.  Greater the power of the motor, the faster the grinding process and lesser the time taken for grinding.

Warranty provided by the wet grinder company is also something to look for.  It is best to choose a grinder with a greater warranty period.

Wet grinders are designed to have 2 stones or 3 grinding stones.  Conical shaped stones provide better efficiency.  Three-stoned grinders are faster and high performing.  They take 15 minutes to grind a dosa batter as opposed to 45 minutes taken by a 2-stoned grinder for the same.

Ease of maintenance and cleaning of equipment is of prime importance to homemakers when selecting the wet grinders.  Generally, women prefer grinders with parts that can be easily detached, cleaned, and put back.  Maintenance of the grinder is, therefore, high on the list of things to check for.

Some wet grinders provide additional power saving features.  You may need to ask the retailer about these before buying a wet grinder.

For those of you conscious about the aesthetics, there are a variety of designs and colors of wet grinders available in the market.  You can choose the one that meets your taste and blends aesthetically with your furnished kitchen.

What brands are reliable and available in the market?

There are a number of wet grinder brands in the market today.  Some of them are listed here:

Sowbhagya is a leading name in the world of wet grinders.  It is an ISO 9002 certified company specializing in conventional table top as well as tilting wet grinders.  They are the only brand to have a huge variety of models.  They cater to both the domestic as well as commercial sector with their products ranging from 1.25 litres and 2 litres for domestic segment to about 3 litres up to 45 litres for the commercial segment.

Ultra Wet Grinders spell elegance when talking about style. They have the most sleek designs in wet grinders.  Elgi Ultra Industries Ltd is one of the leading providers of tabletop wet and mixer grinders. Ultra boasts of product offerings that are innovative, dependable, high performing, made of food grade materials, and aesthetically excellent. Elgi has patented conical grinding stones, which according to the brand, result in superior grinding and longer stone line.

Bajaj Wet Grindersis anotherhousehold name in wet grinders.  Sturdy induction motor, heavy-duty grinding stone, and unbreakable polycarbonate drum lid are some of its unique features.  These grinders come with an additional stainless steel dough kneading blade that can effortlessly knead all kinds of atta for you.  Bajaj Wet Grinderscome with a 2-year warranty.

Butterfly Wet Grinders offer best-in-class innovative designs to suit the needs of modern homemakers.  They are low on power consumption and come with a distinctive ON/OFF Switch.  They are light in weight and appropriate in size, which just suits the needs of every home.

Prestige Tabletop Wet Grinders are highly reliable and equipped with a robust motor that allows for quick grinding.  Uniquely designed grinding stone allows for a larger contact area. The wet grinder has a special Interlocking Mechanism for extra safety. These grinderscome with a transparent lid allowing you to check the grinding in progress.  Additional attachments include a Coconut Scraper and Atta Kneader attachment. Prestige gives its customers a motor warranty of 5 yearsfor the grinder.

These are only a few brands of wet grinders that are mentioned here.  There are many more brands available in the market that are equally good and worth a try.  Nonetheless, the two brands that are highly recommended by users are the Sowbhagya and Ultra Wet Grinder.

Additional Buying Tip:

If you are not too concerned about the weight or the size of the grinder, it is recommended that you buy a tilting grinder than a tabletop grinder. Because tilting grinder has a durability of 10 to 15 years, as opposed to a tabletop grinder which has a durability of about 4 years.

Glossary of Terms:

Adetachable cover used to cover the top of the drum or the container.

A wiper is an attachment that moves across the surface of the drum along with the stone.  It has a flexible plastic part attached at the end.

RPM is an abbreviation for Rotations Per Minute.  It indicates the rotational speed of a motor.  The higher the RPM, the greater the speed.

A drum is a stainless steel container mounted on a stone base.  In a wet grinder, the drum is stationary,while the roller assembly rotates.

A roller assembly consists of two or three stone rollers mounted on a shaft, which rotate against the base.

Grooved stone is a stone having grooves on it.  Grooves meansdepressions or sharp cutson a solid material.

Atta kneader attachment is an equipment used to knead dough.  The atta kneader is electrically operable.

Tabletop means the size of the equipment is so compact and portable that it can be easily placed on top of a table.

Tilting means the drum of the wet container can be moved in a sloping position.  The drum is placed on hinges which help to tilt the drum in a backward or forward position.