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What are the different type of Water Purifiers?

Description : Active Charcoal Powder is employed by these water purifiers. Active Charcoal has extremely high  absorption capability and can remove parasites and pesticides. Other methods like chlorination may be used for potable water.

Benefits : * No dependency on Electricity
*Filters out pesticides and parasites as the activated carbon filters have very high absorption power.
* One of the economic solutions

Description : Water purifier which works based on electricity use ultraviolet rays to kill viruses, bacteria, other microorganisms etc in water to provide safe drinking water.

Benefits : *All living microorganisms are killed by UV rays.
*All harmful viruses and bacteria are removed
* Water becomes safe and odour-free as multi-stage purification is done.

Description : This filter is basically a box filled with layers of gravel and sand to remove microorganisms and other solid particles from the contaminated water.

Benefits : * This filters out suspended particles and pathogens
* Filters out about 12-14 litres of water in each go.

Description : These filters are hollow cylinders made from clay and other material like rice husks, sawdust etc.

Benefits : * Filters out E.coli bacteria and Chlorine up to 99%
*The Storage capacity of these purifier helps in keeping the water safe without getting re-contaminated.

Use case of Water Purifier

What you should look for : The UV water purifier system undoubtedly kills the bacteria, viruses as well as germs that contaminate the water but the dissolved salts and impurities residing in the water stay intact even after being treated by the UV filters. Any form of dissolved impurities like pesticides, fluorides etc are not treated by the UV water purifier system.

Recommendations : Bacteria, viruses, pathogenic agents and some larvae of parasites like the liver fluke and round worm may be there in the untreated water. Hence, water should be purified before drinking.

What you should look for :  Dirty water is treated by water purifiers in order to make it fit for drinking. However UV water filter cannot treat dirty or muddy water. The water should be cleaned before using the UV filter. The viruses and the bacteria are killed in the UV system. So the additional cost will be incurred to remove the suspended particles in water.

Recommendations : Solar Distillation is an effective treatment to purify dirty water. However, the water needs to be purified further to make it safe drinking water as the purified water gets contaminated again because of lack of clean components in case of Solar Distillation.

What you should look for : The water which has a TDS (Total Dissolved Salts) limit up to 200 ppm can be purified by UV water purifier. TDS higher than this is not suitable for this system.

Recommendations : Reverse Osmosis or RO is an effective treatment for salt water. UV+RO will make it absolutely safe for drinking.

What is the meaning of?

Meaning : 99.9% of dissolved particle larger than a specific micron rating will be filtered

Meaning : Water polishing is any process which removes microscopic particles from water. It may also remove dissolved material.

Meaning : The process of removing chemicals, suspended or dissolved solids and gases, biological contaminants etc. is called Water Purification. The Objective is to produce water suitable for specific use. Mostly water is disinfected for drinking. However water purification may also happen for other purposes like medical pharmacology, chemical and industrial use.

Meaning : The capacity of the tank in which water will be stored.

Meaning : Purified water tastes and smells better as chlorine and other contaminants are removed.

Meaning : Purifier removes contaminants from water and makes it pure.

Meaning : Water purifiers provide healthy water for drinking and cooking after removing harmful chemicals, particles, bacteria, viruses etc.

Meaning : Solid block carbon water filter removes harmful contaminants selectively from drinking water.

Meaning : Water purifier reduces the danger of colon and rectal cancer as it purifies by removing dissolved substances and microorganisms harmful for human being.

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