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Washing machines are also called clothes washer, washer, laundry machine etc. This is a machine which is used to wash dirty laundry. These are mainly the machines, which use water to clean clothes and not the dry washers.

What are the different types of Washing Machine?

Description : Front Loading washing machines, which are also known as Horizontal-Axis washing machine, are the most popular high-end washers across the world.

It allows the user to load clothes through a door, built in front of the machine. The door generally consists of a transparent window (usually the window is transparent, but not always). Mechanically quite simple, the mechanism contains an inner crate which is horizontally fitted with an outer tub.

Benefits :Generally, Front Loading Washing Machines cleans better than the normal top Loading variety. The best front loading variety cleans better than the best HE top loading variety. Due to the mechanism used by these washing machines to wash laundry, they are much gentler on the clothes too.  The front loading washing machines possess an edge over the other types as far as water consumption is concerned. They do not need the clothes to be completely suspended in water. Hence, the washer needs just enough water to moisten the laundry. So, the proportional requirement of soap is automatically less and the user saves on both water and soap. Since these washing machines need less water, the requirement of energy is also low compared to a Top-loading washer resulting in more savings.

Also, since these washing machines do not have an agitator, more clothes can be washed in a wash cycle compared to a top loading variety and helps the user save more.

Description :The traditional top-loading washing machines are also known as “Vertical-Axis” washing machines as the perforated basket and the tub are fitted vertically.

As the name suggests, the user is supposed to put the clothes vertically in a perforated basket. Also fitted with the tumbler is an agitator which is centrally placed at the bottom of the basket.

While washing, the outer tub of the machine is filled with water so the clothes remain suspended in it. The agitator in the centre helps circulating water in different direction through the clothes and cleans them.

N.B. An agitator is a mechanism that is responsible for putting something in motion through a process of trembling or shaking.

Benefits :Top-loading washing machines are generally cheaper and sleeker in comparison to the Front-loading washing machines. Keeping the ergonomic principles intact, the user need not bend down in order to put the clothes in. Unlike the latter, extra additions and adjustments can be made in the top-loading washing machines. The user can change and adjust timers and washing cycles as per the need. If felt under-rinsed, the user can easily change the adjustments in accordance with the requisition. Since the washing cycles can be manually set, they can be shorter in duration.

Description :High efficiency (HE) washing machines are a hybrid of The Top loaders and Front loaders. They resemble a top loader but have the efficiency of a Front loader. The agitator is absent in these kinds of washing machines which helps the user to wash more laundry in each wash cycle. Consumption of water is less compared to a normal top loading washing machine, which translates to energy savings.

Benefits :As suggested by the name itself, the level of efficacy of High-efficiency (HE) washing machines is maximum. Compared to the Traditional Top-loaders, these machines require a lesser amount of soap and water to execute the cleaning procedure. Because of their ability to spin faster, the clothes get a lot cleaner and the maximum extraction of water is attainable. Therefore, the clothes are left a lot dryer. The absence of the agitator in the HE Top -Loading washing machines, increases space for the laundry.

What should buyers look for while buying a Washing Machine?

What you should look for :The buyer should definitely look for a washing machine that is energy efficient. By the term energy efficiency, the power consumption of the appliance is hinted at. The buyer would definitely want to save on his/her electricity bills. So, buying a washing machine that consumes less power is highly recommended. However the buyer will also have to take other factors into consideration like his/her requirements, price etc before taking any buying decision.

What you should look for : (Measured In RPM- Revolutions per Minute) The better the spin speed of the drum, the faster would be the extraction of water. So, it is highly recommended to the buyer to ask or learn about the spin speed before buying the washer.

What you should look for : (Measured in Litres) Bigger drum volume will help the buyer to wash larger volume of clothes in each wash cycle. Therefore, getting a washing machine with a higher drum volume may facilitate the user to do the entire washing in a single cycle.

What you should look for : The performance of a washing machine has a lot to do with the material with which its drum has been manufactured. Drum tubs can be made up of porcelain-enamel, plastic and stainless steel. Stainless steel tubs easily acclimatize them with high spin speeds and are the most durable. Plastic tubs are superior in quality and durability in comparison to the porcelain-enamel tubs, which are always at a risk of getting damaged.

What you should look for : Extraction of water depends on how fast the drum spins. The buyer must check the “Spin Performance” certification. This is a rating awarded to the washing machines based on their ability to extract water faster.

What you should look for : When on one hand detergents clean clothes, too much application of them might even damage the clothes. Buyer(s) should look for a washing machine which has a detergent dispenser. A detergent dispenser only allows the proportionate amount of detergent to pass (proportional to the water used). This not only saves the fabrics from getting damaged but also helps much to the reduction of detergent cost.

What you should look for : For someone who dirties up his/her clothes too much, a washing machine with presoaking option would be more suitable. On the contrary, if someone is less prone to dirty clothes, the quick wash option will serve the best.

For a family which has a smaller number of family members, a washing machine with less drum capacity can be accommodated. For a larger family getting a tub with larger drum capacity is recommended.

For those who need to wash heavy laundry, washing machines with extra-rinse facilities should be brought home.

Meaning of some frequently used terms

Meaning :The hi-tech mechanism which is widely used in a large number of Front Loaders and High-efficiency (HE) Top Loading washing machines, which enables the soaking procedure of the loaded clothes to be carried out more efficiently without the wastage of water, soap and energy is called AquaSpa.

Benefits :Due to its ability to consume less amount of water while executing its task, the consumption of the proportionate amount of soap and energy is less as well.

Meaning :Different clothes and fabrics require different modes of rinsing. The Baby Care Program has been adopted by various washing machine brands in order to render special care for the laundry and stuffed toys of the infants.

Benefits :Laundry items of the infants, including their stuff toys, can be easily rinsed keeping them away from any kind of damage.

Meaning :The Child Safety Lock mechanism, the function of which is synonymous with the function of Child lock mechanism of a remote control of a T.V., doesn’t allow children to open the door of the machine while the process is undergoing.

Benefits :The Child Lock mechanism helps to keep the cleaning process unaltered as because the door cannot be opened and provides complete safety to the kids around from any unwanted accident.

Meaning :The Detergent Compartment dispenses the exact amount of detergent required (proportional to the water filled) to carry out the cleansing process.

Benefits :As the Detergent Compartment dispenses only the proportional amount of detergent, chances of its wastage are also minimized. Not only that, application of detergents, more than what’s needed may damage the fabric. The Detergent Compartment ensures that no such damage takes place.

Meaning :The digitized screen that shows all the features and programs of the washing machine.

Benefits :The Digital Display allows the user to monitor all the programs and features, such as timers, which are built in the washing machine.

Meaning :Drum volume refers to the capacity that the drum of washing machine can hold. The capacity is measured in liters.

Benefits :More the drum volume of the washing machine, better the holding capacity.

Meaning :Indicates the energy efficacy of the washing machine. Washing machines having the highest rating (A+++) are amicable both to the environment and to the pocket of the user as it requires very less amount of energy to perform its cleaning act.

Benefits :The user(s) can judge for himself/herself (themselves) what would suit his/her (their) pockets and how cost effective would the appliance be by this energy rating.

Meaning :Not every stain on a fabric can be eradicated with just a single wash. The Extra Rinse facility washes away even the most stubborn of blotches from the clothes.

Benefits: Complete eradication of the stain is possible. The best part of the program is that it doesn’t require extra detergent. It works with the surplus detergent from the previous wash.

Meaning :One of the modern day innovations in the world of washing machines is the 15 Minutes Washing Cycle. As the name goes, a wash cycle can be completed within a quarter of an hour with the application of this program.

Benefits: Guarantees a stainless wash, the 15 minutes wash cycles can be very handy when the user(s) is (are) in a rush.

Meaning :The door that enables the loading of clothes in a front loading washing machine.

Meaning :The Quick wash Cycle facility executes the washing procedure within a span of very less time thereby saving energy.

Benefits : Saves a lot of time as the cleaning procedure is completed at a rapid pace.

Meaning: The rating that washing machines receive on the basis of their ability to extract water from the clothes.

Benefits: The user(s) can evaluate the drying capabilities on the basis of the rating.

Meaning: Measured in RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), Spin Speed signifies the speed in which the drum of the washing machine revolves.

Benefits: Washing machines with better spinning speeds are capable of extracting the maximum water from the clothes, henceforth leaving the clothes drier.

Meaning: This facility allows the user(s) to select his/her their) preferred time for the washing process to start. Once the loading is complete, the user has the freedom to select the preferred time. It should be noted that the preferred time for starting the washer must be up to24 hours in advance.

Benefits :Ensures independence to the user. The initiation of the washing procedure depends on the want of the user as to when he/she (they) want the clothes to be washed.

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