Are vegetable spiralizers and vegetable cutters useful for Indian cooking?


Restaurants frequently use vegetable cutters and so do catering companies. This is to improve the productivity of the kitchen team

In recent years vegetable cutters have become popular with households in India. With the need to speed up the cooking process (due to shortage of time) vegetable cutters offer a way out for those busy couples and homemakers who are short of time. Vegetable cutters are also great for cooking enthusiasts who would like to shape their vegetables in a more perfect manner than may be done with just a knife. Making your veggies into start shapes or your french fries into perfect straight McDonalds type cuts can take a lot of effort. Not if you are using a vegetable cutter.

More recently the invention of vegetable spiralizers (invested in Japan) has given a new twist to vegetable cutting. Not only can you cut vegetables but also you can make them into interesting noodle and pasta type shapes . Once you have made them into such shapes, you can cook them with pasta sauce or like you would cook noodles and pasta following your favourite recipe

It may sound odd and tough but it is actually easy to make your vegetables into pasta and noodles. This will avoid the high carbs of the flour that goes into pasta. And the food tastes great with the infusion of the vegetable flavour into the dish.

You get several types of vegetable spiralizers. The best one for home is the horizontal one. Try and buy one that can be dismantled so that it can be cleaned properly. And one that is dishwasher safe would be even better.

Which vegetables can you spiralize?

There is a range of vegetables that you can make into interesting spirals

Apples, Beetroot, Cucumber, Carrot, Turnip, Radish(Mooli), Onion, Sweet Potato, Potatoes, Zucchini to name a few

Zucchini is great for creating pasta dishes whereas carrots could be spiralized to make halwa and other Indian dishes. Spiralized potatoes are a great party snack when deep fried.

While vegetable cutters are popular in India and available at many household goods shops, vegetable spiralizers are relatively unknown and not widely available

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