What is a USB fan and how does it work?


USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. This is a type of connector for your chord to connect to a computer or a USB charger. A USB type of connector can be used to connect devices and also to charge devices from a power source such as a laptop or a USB charger

With the ability to draw a charge from your computer the USB can be used to charge and power small devices too. For example USB powered speakers, USB powered ports and USB powered fans. Yes FANS!

USB fans are not the typical large fans that one might expect. They are small fans; mostly with blades width not larger than your palm. They come in all kinds of shapes and holders and could be made with a plastic or metal body

A USB fan would come with a chord that has a USB connector at the end of it. The cable may be from a few inches to a few feet depending on the model.

USB Fans can be used to cool your computer or your laptop or cool a small area around your workspace. Portable USB fans would normally have a re-chargeable battery and the fan itself can be unhooked from the power source and function as a portable cooling device. This helps you when you are outdoors or in high heat and humidity locations and need a portable fan to carry around in your handbag.

USB fans may be difficult to find in smaller retail shops but are available online on various portals

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