Types of irons and how you can select the ones that suit your needs!


In this article you will learn about the different kinds of irons available in the market today. From grey cast iron to steam irons and malleable cast irons, you will be given a quick overview of what’s hot and selling in the market at this point. All of these irons have been classified on the basis of their chemical and physical properties along with its carbon percentage mention. Its application will also be put alongside. In every day of our lives, we all see different kinds of structures that are made up of iron and allow. Some of them are also used in the world of metal and are popular home appliances indeed. The article will show you everything that needs to be known about irons. You will also know how to pick a good iron for yourself.

Steam irons

Steam irons are of different kinds. They make your clothes look smart and last for very long, especially if you bring them from good companies. If you have wrinkled and crushed clothes for long, steam irons can really help in ironing them. It is modern in terms of technology and can is also a very stylish appliance to use. A steam iron price always varies. It could be 1200 or even more, depending on the company you are going for and what you want to buy. Plus you may can always buy steam from snapdeal. They have great collections

Electric iron

Electric irons are usually light weighted and belong to the American heritage. They have great temperature setting and can really help you iron your clothes like a pro. Most of them are of a thousand watt and are pilot light so that you can use them whenever you want. Electric iron price usually tends to be Rs 750 maximum. If you buy from other companies like USHA, it could cost you a bit lesser.

Vertical Steam Irons

Vertical steam irons were invented pretty recently and works quite well to be honest. It produces steam like any other high quality iron and can produce in both horizontal and vertical manner. Steaming is so good in these irons that you can bid farewell to all those wrinkles in no time. They also come with a better alternative as compared to traditional outfits. You will however need to spend a lot more on this product but we promise it will save your time like anything!

Deluxe Irons

Deluxe Clothe Irons are the best in the business these days. They come with steam features and temperature controls that can be used during any time of the day. They also have soleplates that are non stick and don’t cost much at all. If you sew your clothes regularly or have fabrics that are heavy, then this product will definitely be worth the cash!

Travel Irons

Travel Irons are best for those who like standard irons that are smaller in size and lighter in weight. They can be folded when you are packing for your future vacations. They also come with steam capacities that can be shut on and off. Travel irons are also cordless and very much useful for those who travel often. They come in various sizes but we would suggest you to try the smaller one since they are much easy to use and suit your travel needs very well.

What should you know before purchasing one

Dry iron or a steam one?

First decide whether you want a dry iron or maybe a steam one. Also check your budget and see what will suit you better. Both are for people with different needs. Check yours first.

A shut off system

Whatever iron you are buying, make sure it comes with an automatic shut off system. It will prevent fire and also control the temperature without causing any trouble! Isnt that a great idea?

A cord or a cordless one

Finally you should know whether you want a cord or a cordless one. It would be my suggestion that you buy a cordless one because you wont have to use the electricity for this. Plus it is much more comfortable to use in that way.