Toaster Buying Guide


What is a Toaster?

A toaster is an electrical appliance used to brown or toast bread.A toaster oven,on the other hand, is an upgraded version of the device that not only meets your bread toasting needs, but also offers a variety of cooking options.

Why should you buy a toaster?

A toaster is a must-have breakfast appliance for people who love to start their day with an egg and a toast.While a toaster can brown your bread, a toaster oven can carry out following additional functions, such as:

  • Reheat leftover food
  • Roast meat,potatoes, and vegetables
  • Bake pizzas, biscuits, cakes, and muffins, and so on.

What are the different types of Toasters?

There are four different types of toasters.

  1. Pop-up Toaster
  2. Electric Sandwich Toaster
  3. Non-stick Gas Toaster
  4. Toaster Oven

Pop-up toastersare the most popular typeof toasters.They come in 2 or 4-slice models.Some toaster models are equipped with wide slots for toasting homemade, uneven slices of bread or large-sized bagels.Pop-up toasters also come in elongated designs; however, the paired slot layout is the most preferred design for a toaster.

Electric Sandwich Toaster can be used to toast aloo tikki sandwich, vegetable sandwiches, or vegetable cheese toast sandwiches.

Non-stick gas toaster is a simple, low profile sandwich toaster that works without electricity.It needs to be operated manually and works on a gas stove.

A toaster oven can be put to multiple uses.It can toast many slices of breads and bagels at the same time.Additionally, it can carry out heating, baking, and roasting functions of cooking.

What should you look for when buying a toaster?

Though a toaster may seem a simple electrical appliance, there’s more to it than one would expect.Let’s look at some of the things that you should consider when buying a pop-up toaster.

If you have simple toasting needs, choose a pop-up toaster, which is a lower footprint device, as opposed to the larger footprint toaster oven.Also, there are additional options for toasters such as the sandwich toaster.It is for people wanting to experiment with their bread.

Depending upon the number of members in your family, you may want to choose a 2-sliced or 4-sliced toaster.A 4-sliced toaster serves good for a family of four.However, it may occupy slightly more counter space as opposed to the 2-sliced model.

You will need to check for the power consumption of the device by looking at the power specifications of the heating element.Toasters can have a power of 800 watts, 1000 watts et cetera.More the watts, higher the electricity consumption, but lesser the time taken for toasting.Since you do not operate a toaster for hours, you can very well choose the high power one for its time efficiency benefit.

Almost all manufactures agree that there should be temperature control settings on the toaster.Most toasters come with a knob to control multiple heating levels.

Some toaster models offer a uniquely designed digital browning feature which helps you to toast the bread with or without the brown bits.The browning control, being digital, is easy to use.Choose a toaster with multiple browning options.Additional LCD countdown option gives you an idea of the time remaining for the bread to toast.

Though the toasters are equipped with automatic eject, having an emergency eject button is an added advantage.

Some brands offer you with a defrost button.A defrost button comes in handy when you have frozen breads.On hitting the defrost button, the toaster will first defrost your bread and then toast it.In case your toaster does not have the defrost option, you can simply turn on browning control.

A cleaning tray is a must in order to avoid your workplace getting messierwith all the bread crumbs formed during toasting. Almost all models come with a cleaning tray that is placed below the toaster.Bread crumbs that dissipate while toasting get collected in the cleaning tray, leaving your work area clean.

Ask the dealer about the cover for your toaster.Plastic covers protect the appliance from dust being accumulated when not in use.It also prevents insects from entering in the machine.

Most companies offer 2 years’warranty for pop-up toasters.Choose a brand that has a service center nearby your place or the one that offers onsite warranty.

Some companies provide you with a Cancel Button on the toaster.This distinctive feature allows you to cancel the operation midway.

The finishing of the outer body of the toaster is also a matter of personal preference.You may want to buy a toaster that looks neat, is easy to clean, and does not soil much after repeated use.All stainless steel units are not always easy to maintain.Before buying, check if the toaster’s finishing resists your fingerprint marks on touch.

Some brands of toasters are aesthetically designed to brighten up your kitchen.They have bright finishing and cool-touch designs.Vintage-look designs are also widely popular.

It would be irritating to find your bread slices stuck in the toaster.To avoid such a situation, choose a toaster that pushes your toast high enough for you to easily pick it up.

It is possible for even the best toasters to jam occasionally.The Anti-jam feature identifies the jam and turns the toaster off thereby preventing further burning of the toast.Find a toaster that assures jam prevention in the first place.

Which brands are available in the market for buying toasters?

Different brands offer different features and functionalities.Check the features offered by each brand and choose the one that meets your specifications.

Glossary of Terms:

A heating element of a toaster converts electrical energy into heat.Heat generation is independent of the direction in which the current flows.

A spring inserted in the appliance pops the toasts up when done..

In a toaster oven, the bread rack is a rack on which slices of bread are kept horizontally.

Electromagnet is a magnet in which magnetic field is produced under the influence of electric current.As opposed to the permanent magnet, an electromagnet is preferred as the magnetic field can be changed immediately by changing the amount of electric current passing through the winding.

Toaster case is the outside body of the toaster.

Light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor component that emits visible light using electric current.LED indicators are used to display the settings of the toaster.

Some toasters have a bun warming feature integrated into the appliance for warming of buns.

A crumb tray is a removable, slide-out tray which collects the crumbs that dissipate during the toasting.It makes cleaningthe toaster very convenient.