Some nice things that you can make in your Rice Cooker


Rice Cookers take up your kitchen slab space. And if you use them only to make rice, then you may be under using the precious space and the easy to use appliance!

Try making some of these dishes in your rice cooker-

  1. Mixed Vegetable Soup
  • Clean and Chop a range of vegetables that you like
  • Saute them slightly in the rice cooker
  • Put in adequate water and if you like , some milk
  • Add salt, pepper to taste
  • Now let it cook slowly and come back later to get your ready health soup!
  1. Oatmeal
  • Soak Oats overnight in the rice cooker. Add some raisins or sliced dates to give them sugary taste
  • In the morning switch on your rice cooker and go about your work
  • Come back in 20- 30 mins and your oats should be nicely cooked and kept warm
  1. Steamed Vegetables (If your rice cooker comes with a steaming tray)
  • Wash and cut your vegetables
  • Put those vegetables that may get cooked almost at the same time (don’t mix the long cooking time ones with the short cooking time ones)
  • Let the veggies cook while your rice is cooking or simply steam them by putting water in the base compartment of the rice cooker
  • Once the water is boiling, wait for 10 minutes for the veggies to get steamed and cooked
  • Take out, add salt, pepper and other sauces as required
  • Your fresh lightly cooked hygienic veggies are ready to eat!

There are many more easy cooking tips available on the Internet. Get started and make use of your rice cooker to make more than just rice!

For Other 14 dish, Rice Cooker‬ can be used.

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