Soda Maker Buying Guide


What is a Soda Maker?

A soda maker is an equipment used to convert normal tap water into carbonated water or soda.Soda makers are great appliances for making juices, cocktails, and mocktails using homemade sparkling water.

Why should you buy a Soda Maker?

If you are a soda freak and are tired of running to the store to get bottles and cans of aerated drinks every day, bringing home a soda maker will be an ideal thing for you.Some reasons why a soda maker will be a good pick are:

Soda maker can turn regular tap water into tasty soda much easily.You can have soda ready instantly whenever you want it without having to go to the store.Soda makers do not require electricity to run them.They do not contain batteries, so there is no hassle of changing batteries.They are low maintenance with hardly any cleaning required.

Buying soda from the store produces lot of waste in the form of PET bottles andcans.A soda maker can drastically reduce the plastic waste and contribute positively to the environment.

Buying soda on a daily basis can be expensive.You can save the long term cost by investing in a soda maker.Although, you end up paying upfront to purchase the machine, the long term return on investment more than makes up for the cost of purchasing.You can get 12 liters of soda from a single bottle of soda mix, which in turn amounts to 33 cans of carbonated water.Thus, you can save a lot on buying soda cans and bottles.

A soda maker can cater to your creative side by allowing you to experiment with syrups, juices,and mocktails of different flavors.You can treat your family with a new flavor every day and make your lazy afternoons more fun and exciting.

High quality soda mixes generally contain high fructose corn syrup and do not contain aspartame, meaning that home made soda has less carbohydrate and less calories. It is healthier than store bought soda.

Soda makers have the most elegant and sleek designs that can be a perfect fit in any kitchen.They occupy very little counter space.Additionally, you can save a lot of space by not having to store the used soda cans and bottles of store-bought soda or go through the added task of disposing off soda cans or bottles every once in a while.

What are the different types of Soda Makers?

There are different types of soda makers in the market.It is necessary that you know about the features and functions of each model to help you make an informed buying decision.Following are some of the popular types of soda makers.

SodaStream Revolution is a very high end soda maker.It uses special cartridges.It is the most expensive model of soda makers owing to its benefit of providing four different levels of carbonation.The SodaStream Revolution is engineered to use electro-carbonating technology that allows more controlled carbonation.These machines are slightly bigger in size and promise about 60 different flavors of sparkling water.

Primo Flavorstation Soda Maker is a popular name in the world of soda makers.It is easy to use.It uses CO2 cartridges to make the aerated drink.The carbonator can make stronger soda using very little CO2 at lower pressure thereby saving on cost of cartridges.

Rotary Aerated Water Making Machine is specifically designed to meet industry standards.It can provide concentrated gas volumes at minimum pressure.

The Whip-It 1 Liter Soda maker comes with rubber coated bottles to prevent the soda bottles from damaging.It can work with the normal CO2 cartridges that are easily available in gourmet stores.However, with Whip-It 1-Liter Soda Siphon you need to consume the soda immediately.

What should you look for when buying a Soda Maker?

There are a couple of things you need to consider when buying this rather simple looking but fun-filled appliance.

There are different types of soda makers available in the market.You will need to check the salient features of each unit to buy the one that will meet all your requirements.Soda makers by SodaStream are the most preferred and highly recommended models.They are efficient and can give best quality aerated drinks.

The stronger the soda, the tastier the drink.However, not all people prefer lot of carbonation in the drink.In some models of soda makers,there are multiple levels of carbonation.Such models give better control on carbonation.You can select how strong you want your soda to be.A soda maker can regulate the amount of fizz in the drink according to individual preference.

Some models of soda maker are more efficient than others.The efficiency of carbonation can vary from model to model.Soda makers from SodaStream and Primo Flavorstation are considered to be highly efficient.You will need to check for the efficiency of each model before zeroing in on a particular brand.

Soda makers are available in all price ranges.If budget is a constraint, you can buy cheaper models that are available at a price range from Rs. 3,000 onwards. SodaStream soda markers can cost upwards of Rs. 10,000, but they are a leading global brand.

When you are investing in a machine, you would obviously want to use it for longer period of time.Therefore, you may need to check about the easy availability of refill cartridges when buying a soda maker.Some soda makers use standard cartridges that are freely available whereas others tend to use specialized cartridges that may or may not be commonly available.It is better to check for compatibility of generally available cartridges to allow you to use your soda maker more often and to make the most out of it.

Everybody loves to own an appliance that is easy to clean and low maintenance.Most models of soda makers require minimal cleaning and maintenance.Maintenance also includes changing of cartridges.Some soda markers use bigger and long lasting cartridges hence minimizing the hassle of frequently replacing cartridges.

Certain brands of soda makers offer you more than just aerated water.They can provide you with many different flavors to make your drinks tastier, exciting, and fun.Check for brands that can offer multiple soda flavors.

What brands are reliable and available in the market?

Numerous brands offer soda makers in India, including:

Glossary of Terms:

LCD Display indicates when the appliance is switched on or off.An indicator on LCD display flashes light when the carbonation process is complete.

Some brands of soda makers can provide you multiple levels of carbonation in which the level of fizz can be controlled.You can choose how much carbonation you need by pressing the required button on the machine.

Snap-lock bottle mechanism is a system used to lock 1-litercarbonating bottle into the unit.

A CO2 Carbonator is a refill cartridge used for carbonation.Standard CO2 carbonators are compatible with most soda makers.A carbonator can produce approximately 60 litres of sparkling water.

A reset button is used to reset the device to original settings.

Carbonating bottles can be reused for as long as 3 years before they should be replaced.Some models use Penguin glass carafes that are highly durable and can be used until they get damaged or cracked.