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What are the different Types of Smartwatches

Description: As the name suggests, these smartwatches run on Windows OS, the computer operating system (OS) developed by Microsoft Corporation. One of the advantages of Windows-based smartwatches is they can be operated by anyone who’s ever used a computer. Microsoft Band is a good example of a Windows-based smartwatch.

Description: These smartwatches run on Android, the operating system developed by Google. Google has created a modified version of Android, named Android Wear, specifically for smartwatches. Examples of Android-based smartwatches are Sony Smartwatch 3 and Alcatel One Touch.

Description: Apple Watch runs on Apple’s operating system, iOS. Along with Android, iOS is one of most popular platforms in the world for smartwatches.

Things to Look Out for When Buying a Smartwatch

Description: The first thing to remember here is that most smartwatches are not independent devices. Unlike your regular watches, most smartwatches are designed to work as companions to your regular smartphone. This means the compatibility of both the devices (the smartwatch and the smartphone) is important.

Android Wear watches smartwatches are available from brands like Samsung, LG, Sony and others. They work with Android 4.3 and higher smartphones. Likewise, the Apple Watch only works with the iPhone. You can easily check the compatibility of your smartphone by visiting from your smartphone browser.

In a nutshell, you should only buy a smartwatch that is compatible with your smartphone.

Description: Different smartwatches have different ways of answering calls. The Sony Smartwatch 3, for example, allows users to accept and decline calls on the watch, but activates the paired phone’s speaker and microphone (or headphones, if plugged in) for the conversation. This feature is helpful when walking around with headphones on, or while driving, when the smartphone paired with the smartwatch isn’t easily accessible.

Description: Smartwatches offer two display options: E Ink and Color. E Ink or e-Paper displays offer certain advantages such as ease of reading the screen when outdoors or a longer battery life.

Color smartwatches, on the other hand, allow you to view all the content on your watch in full color. Also color displays are brighter when compared to E Ink displays.

Description: Here you get two options: Button vs touch. Touch screen is the preferred choice for people because every other gadget, including smartphones, has a similar interface. Also, touch-display interfaces provide ease-of-navigation.

Physical buttons are suited for those who prefer simplicity or are used to the old-school style of navigation.

Description: If you opt for a high-end smartwatch, you get to choose from a variety of straps. Choice of straps helps in personalizing the look of the smartwatch. Some examples of strap options are a leather strap or a steel strap.

Presently, the maximum design options are available in Apple smartwatches, which offer numerous options for sizes, finishes and band designs.

Description: Most smartwatches provide an alert for incoming calls, emails and text messages. A quick buzz of the wrist is an indication of a new alert. Some smartwatches also provide social network integration, wherein you will get notifications regarding activity on Facebook and Twitter.

Description: Just like smartphones, smartwatches also support apps. Both Apple and Android offers thousands of app choices for smartwatches.

Description: Smartwatches can be a very useful aid for monitoring your fitness. When buying a smartwatch, you should look for built-in fitness features, such as a pedometer, a heart rate monitor, steps counter, and a calorie burning meter.

Description: For music, you should look out for the latest version of music applications for downloading the playlists. Some of the popular music applications for smartwatches are Highnote (for Apple smartwatches) & Music Player Smart Extension for Sony smartwatches.

Description: The battery life of smartwatches depends on the type of display. In return of a superior visual experience, color smartwatches provide a much shorter battery life. While the battery of a color smartwatch may last for one to two days, smartwatches with E Ink displays give a battery life of five days or more.

Meaning of some frequently used terms

Description: It is a wireless connectivity feature, very similar to Wi-fi, which allows the transfer of data across multiple devices (such as between two mobile phones.) To utilize the full potential of Bluetooth, smartwatches should be connected to a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.

Description: The external body of a smartwatch. For example, a rose-gold aluminum case.

Description: In smartwatch terminology, digital means a clock style that displays time or numbers only in digital style. Meaning, there’s no hour or minute hands as seen in analog watches.

Description: This term stands for external devices which increase the storage capabilities of devices like phones. Most smartwatches allow the addition of external storage devices.

Description: These devices are dedicated to tracking of fitness and other information related to an active lifestyle. Almost all smartwatches include fitness tracking support. For example, a smartwatch can help track the calories burnt or monitor the heart rate during activities like jogging.

Description: A headset allows a device to be used without using hands. For instance, a Bluetooth headset allows a smartphone user to use their phone even during activities like driving. Smartwatches provide the option of connecting a headset and make the device hands-free for answering incoming calls or shuffling music.

Description: These are alerts whenever a new message or data is received by the smartwatch. Notifications can be of different types, such as visual, sounds or vibrations.

Description: Just like in smartphones, in smartwatches touch controls support input through a touch on the screen or a gesture. Touch controls are used for different features like scrolling, zooming or navigating through the user interface.

Description: Also known as GPS, turn-by-turn navigation provides users with travel directions using GPS.

Description: A water-resistant smartwatch can resist water up to a certain depth. ATM (the abbreviation for atmospheres) is the unit of measurement for water resistance. For example, 4 ATM would mean the device is water resistant up to 40 meters.

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