Safety Tips for your Home Appliances


Home appliances are an integral part of our daily life. While we maximize their use every day the ways to use them safely should be kept in mind. Buying certified products and reading manuals before using them is a good way to ensure safety but, unfortunately, many avoid checking out. Regular maintenance of all electrical appliances is another important factor in ensuring safety.

Buying products from trusted brands which come with good after sales service and consumer liability in using the products are both crucial in making life smooth and safe.

Mentioned below are the few basic safety tips:

  • Extra appliance cords should always be confined in a safe zone behind the appliance away from any water source and pathways.
  • Use of an appliance with damaged wire can cause fire and electrical shock hazards and should never be used.
  • Teaching children and young adults in the family how to use appliances safely is a good way to avoid accidents.
  • Appliances like electric kettles pop out steam, hand safety is important.
  • Plug points should always be in a safe height away from a toddler’s reach.
  • Overheating of the cord is an indication of the electrical fault.
  • Dry surfaces are ideal for use of appliances.
  • An appliance should be used only for what it is meant for. Using it for other purposes is inviting hazards.
  • All small electrical appliances such as hair dryers, shavers should be unplugged when not in use.
  • Switching off all appliances including bulbs and fan while leaving home is a good practice. It helps cutting down electricity bills and ensure safety.
  • Any repair and maintenance of the appliances should be handled by authorized trained personnel.

The common hazards from home appliances occur mainly from careless use. While few appliances are safe to use others should be kept under constant watch. Today in most families both parents are working and the safety factor is not taken care off. Young children staying alone at home are careless as they remain uneducated about the proper use of appliances. A little care saves and should not be neglected. Help yourself and others to stay safe.

Make safety a priority!