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What are the different type of Refrigerators?

Description : Direct Cool Refrigerators operates on very basic methods of cooling without fanning. The cooling effect here is created by the natural convection method. So one area of the refrigerator may be cooler than the other part inside the compartment.  One of the advantages of this refrigerator is it consumes less energy. It is less expensive too. These refrigerators generally need manual defrosting. However now a few of them are coming with the auto-defrosting feature.

Benefits : *Energy efficient units
*Natural convection process is used for cooling
*Affordable pricing
*Efficient Freezer

Description : These refrigerators come with a single door in the front. Inside these refrigerators generally have a freezer, a fridge and a crisper tray for fruits and vegetables. Single door refrigerators are smaller in size and are generally entry level  models with low price. Because of the size, single door refrigerators easily fits in small offices, groceries, clinics etc.

Benefits : *Single door
*Affordable and practical
*Fits in smaller space

Description : Double door refrigerators as the name suggests, have two doors. Generally, they are bigger than the single door variety. One door of these mid-range refrigerators covers the freezer compartment and the other one covers the fridge. Since they have two doors, chances of  heat exposure remain low even when opened frequently,

Benefits : *Separate door for fridge and freezer
*The Freezer and the fridge is separate, hence conserves energy
* More space in the freezer chamber

Description : As very evident from the name, this refrigerator sports two doors side-by-side like a cupboard. These refrigerators come with higher capacity and many additional features like water and ice dispensers. The side-by-side doors provide more storage space and since only half the refrigerator is exposed to the heat when one door is opened, the energy consumption is low.

Benefits : *More space for freezer and Fridge compared to double door
*Conserves energy as only half the refrigerator is opened at any given point

Description : This is the conventional design of a refrigerator with the freezer at the top and the fresh-food section at the bottom. The freezer occupies roughly one-third of the total capacity of this refrigerator. Because of its affordable price, this design is also the most widely sold.

Benefits : *More affordable
*Most familiar design

Description : This is exactly opposite to the conventional top-freezer design of a refrigerator. The fresh food section is at a higher level with the freezer placed at the bottom. A swinging door or drawer gives access to the freezer.

Benefits :*Access to fridge area is easier
*No need to bend down much while accessing the fridge area

Description : French door style of refrigerator offers the advantages of both bottom-freezer and side-by-side varieties. French doors at the uppermost level open up to spacious interiors that could fit in pizzas, hors d’oevres platters, and similar such food items. Triple door models of this type have a bottom mounted freezer while a quadruple door model offers two freezer units. More advanced models have a freezer at the bottom and an intermediary drawer that is temperature and humidity controlled as per requirement. Most models of French Door type refrigerators are provided with water dispensers and through-the-door ice facility.

Benefits : *Elegant and functional design
*Versatile and can hold variety of foods efficiently
*Narrow size of the doors helps in more flexible installation
*4 Door model provides variable cooling zones to maintain freshness of foods optimally

Description : Counter depth refrigerator types are characterized by shallower depths as compared to standard designs. This adaptation is mostly found among French door and side-by-side types. To make up for their reduced depth, these have a greater width. These shallower and wider refrigerators are particularly suitable for kitchens as they perfectly blend with other kitchen furniture.

Benefits : *The look is more streamlined
*Contents can be accessed more conveniently
*Variety of storage possibility

Description : When a traditional top-freezer refrigerator is scaled down a compact design is obtained. The freezer unit is absent or minimal in compact refrigerators. This design of refrigerator is ideal for bedrooms, home offices, and dormitories. Customized compact designs with separate freezer units are also available. These are similar to a conventional refrigerator model.

Benefits : *Space saving units
*Small and handy
*Can be placed in bedrooms, offices etc conveniently.
*Energy efficient

Description : From the name itself, it is evident that the entire capacity of this refrigerator design is used for cooling and not for freezing. This class of refrigerator is useful if you have a separate freezer, or there is only need for refrigeration but not freezing.

Benefits : *Low energy consumption
*Cost effective

Description : Beverage and wine coolers otherwise termed ‘cellars’ are specifically designed for storing bottles of different capacities and shapes. From compact designs to elaborate multi-shelving types, cellars are available for every type of setup. Shelving systems allow better organization of bottles. Deluxe models with separate chambers having different temperatures enable ideal storage for sparkling, white, and red wines.

Benefits : *Provides consistent temperature for Wine storage
*Less vibration from compressor
*No natural lights

Description : This extraordinarily designed refrigerator has the freezer at the bottom and fridge unit at the top. This unconventional design enables easier access to food items that are required more frequently. In this refrigerator type, you need to stoop only when you need to retrieve frozen items or ice. The freezer unit has a large storage area for frozen foods.

Benefits : *Space saving units
*More convenient for senior citizen

Which refrigerator suits your needs ?

What you should look for : More economical, less space occupying, fridge and freezer all in one, Power saving capacity, multiple storage system.

Recommendations : The largest fridge that can fit in your kitchen, to maximize shelf width.

What you should look for :  Low storage capacity,Power saving capacity,less space occupying, more secure

What you should look for : High storage capacity of a freezer, long lasting

What you should look for : High storage capacity of a freezer

Meaning of some frequently used terms

Meaning : Multiple grooves inside the refrigerator allow the user to slide out the shelves and put it in the position needed very easily. This helps in optimal space utilization inside the refrigerator.

Benefits : Benefits of adjustable shelves are many. They provide flexibility while storing and are also easy to clean. They allow the user to use the space optimally.

Meaning : Refrigerators with this feature does not allow any ice formation inside the unit. A defrost cycle briefly adjusts the temperature of the refrigerator and melt any ice built up.

Benefits : * Manual defrosting is not required
* power consumption is same and does not increase with time
* Remains Dry and clean
* Food packages can be seen clearly as they are clear of frost.
*frozen food do not stick together
* Odour free environment as the air is properly circulating
* Temperature is managed better

Meaning : The crisper drawer of the refrigerator maintains a higher humidity level inside so that the products inside remains fresh longer.

Benefits : The crisper drawer helps to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer period of time

Meaning : A digital screen which displays information like temperature, time etc.

Benefits : *Digital Display provides a touch of sophistication to the unit

* It helps user to control the temperature in a more customised manner

Meaning : A rubber strip which is flexible is fixed with the refrigerator door. It becomes air-tight when the door is closed.

Benefits : The door gasket prevents the warm air from outside to enter the refrigerator and cold air inside to escape outside. Hence helps to maintain the temperature inside.

Meaning : A separate storage area which is maintained at or below zero degrees Fahrenheit is mainly used for storing and preserving foods in compact refrigerators.

Benefits : *This compartment helps the user to store and preserve food items longer

* Frozen foods and raw fish and meat is preserved

Meaning : This is a convenient feature which allows user easy access to dispense ice from the refrigerator. It is generally located on the outside of the door.

Benefits : * More convenience compare to manual ice dispensing

Meaning : Interior light of the refrigerator allows the user to see the inside properly. This is a great feature depending on the light level of the area where it is kept.

Meaning : Internal storage drawers of the refrigerator provide specific storage area/space for vegetables, meat, butter etc.

Meaning : A lock located on the front door of the refrigerator to ensure safety and security of the items inside

Benefits : * the lock helps the user to keep the items inside the refrigerator safe and secured.

Meaning : Some refrigerators do not have the defrost cycle and must be switched off to melt down the ice inside. These require manual defrosting.

Benefits : *Manual defrosting allows the user to defrost a non-frost-free refrigerator.

* The excess ice built-up gets cleaned and  space inside the freezer increases

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