Pulsator vs Tumble Washing System – which one is ideal for you?


There are many different types of washing machines available in the market today.Washing machine technology has advanced a great deal since its introduction in the market.In this article, we will focus on two different types of washing machines based on their technology: the pulsator and tumble wash method.There are certain advantages of one over the other.

Pulsator Washing System:

Pulsator or an impeller is a diminished rotating hub that is used instead of an agitator.When the pulsator rotates, the vanes of the pulsator generate turbulent currents in the washing water.These currents spin the clothes through the water.The spinning back and forth cleans the fabric.

Advantages of Pulsator Wash:

  1. In a pulsator system, clothes do not come in contact with the pulsator.
  2. The spinning of clothes in a pulsator results in an even wash.
  3. Pulsator washing technique is gentle on delicate laundry.
  4. The unique design of pulsator allows more fabric to be fit in the wash tub at the same time.

Pulsators are mostly used in high-efficiency washing machines, which have low water consumption than conventional models and have high spinning speeds.Higher speeds efficiently extract water from the clothes, thereby reducing the drying time.Water and energy conservation benefits make the pulsator washmodels highly efficient than tumble wash.

Disadvantages of Pulsator Wash:

As is with every technique, there are a few disadvantages of this technique.

  1. In Pulsator washing technique, there is a risk of clothes getting tangled with one another.If this clumped fabric starts spinning, it may make the unit out of balance.
  2. As pulsators are gentle on fabric, it may take longer for the wash cycle to complete or the clothes may be less clean compared to other washing techniques.

Tumble Washing System:

In a tumble wash system, the lowspeed spin portion of washingrotates the wash basket around its horizontal axis thereby causing the clothes to tumble in the wash basket.A highconcentration of detergent is released onto the laundry.The washing process continues with the spinning and the tumbling of laundry, thereby cleaning the fabrics off dirt.

Advantages of Tumble Wash:

  1. In tumble wash technique, there is low consumption of power and the spinning speeds are low.
  2. There is a less risk of clothes getting entangled.
  3. Tumble wash machines require less water.

Disadvantages of Tumble Wash:

  1. Tumble wash machines operate on low speeds.Therefore, there are chances that the clothes may not get thoroughly cleaned.
  2. Due to low rotational speeds, water is not completely extracted from the clothes.This increases the drying time or leaves the clothes a little soggy.

Final Thoughts:

There’s no clear answer as to which is the best washing machine. Pulsator washing technique has more added features than the regular tumble wash technique.You can choose a pulsator wash model for the benefit of its increased functionality.On the flip side though, pulsator models are priced higher than tumble wash.