Oven Toaster Grill Buying Guide


What is an oven toaster grill?

An oven toaster grill (OTG) is a device that brings together the features of three appliances: a traditional oven, a bread toaster and a grill. An oven toaster grill performs all three functions, yet takes up little space in the kitchen. An OTG comes with heating rods.

What are the differences between an OTG and a Microwave oven?

Unlike a microwave oven, which uses microwaves for cooking, an OTG uses heatwaves. This leads to several differences in the two types of oven.

A microwave oven can heat up very fast. In contrast, just like a traditional oven, an OTG takes up time to heat.

Because an OTG uses heat waves, it requires longer cooking time than microwave ovens.

OTGs are more cost-effective than microwave ovens.

OTGs provide much superior quality of baking when compared to microwave ovens. They provide better and crisper food.

In an OTG, you can use different types of containers such as glass, ceramic, silicone and metal. In contrast, you cannot use metal containers in a microwave oven as metals reflect microwaves.

OTG’s do not offer auto cook options, whereas microwave ovens provide auto cook options.

A toaster oven uses 1200-1700 watts of energy, whereas a microwave uses 750 to 1100 watts. As you can see, oven toaster grills consume more energy.

Who should buy an OTG?

An OTG is ideal for people who want an appliance specifically for baking, cooking and toasting. People who are very particular about the taste factor should opt for an OTG because the quality of food prepared in an OTG is much superior than microwave ovens. The process of slow, traditional and more natural cooking is what attracts food enthusiasts to an OTG.

How does an OTG work?

Just like a microwave oven, an OTG is a rectangular oven with doors opening at the front. It functions using the following parts: A thermostat, heating coils, a detachable wire rack, and a baking pan.

As a first step, you should place your food item in the baking pan or wiring rack, depending on what you’re cooking. Next you need to set the desired temperature on the thermostat. Subsequently, the OTG converts electricity into heat energy in the coils. The heat energy then moves to the food item, thereby cooking it.

What are the uses of an oven toaster grill?

Oven toaster grill is a multi-utility device that can be used for various purposes.

OTGs are an excellent choice for baking. Many people believe cakes baked in microwave oven are not the same as the ones in cake shops. In an OTG, you can bake cakes, pastries, cupcakes and other similar items with ease. You can also bake pizzas and cookies in an OTG.

If you like toasted bread, an OTG saves you from the cost of buying a separate bread toaster. For example, you can easily make a Paneer Toast Sandwich in an OTG.

OTG’s are an excellent choice for those who don’t want to buy separate grilling equipment. You can grill both meat and vegetables in an OTG. While grilling, OTG applies severe heat to the surface of the food, thereby producing a crispy char on the exterior. You can easily make things like Tandoori Paneer Tikka or Grilled Prawns using an OTG.

OTGs can also be used for reheating food items. In particular, OTGs are good for heating breads or French fries because the food doesn’t turn soggy. The only thing to keep in mind is that OTG’s take longer to reheat food when compared to microwave ovens.

Things to look out for when buying an oven

OTGs can come in varying capacities, such as 10/20/35/45/60 liters. If you have a large family and want to make large cakes, then you should opt for a higher capacity OTG.

Different models of OTGs come with different warranties. Check out the warranty offered by different brands and go for the one with a long warranty.

Based on the capacity, the size of the OTG will vary. Check out the dimensions and weight of the model. If space is a constraint, you should opt for a smaller-sized model.

Just like all electrical appliances, the power consumption for OTGs vary. Bigger models may consume more power, say 1800 W, while smaller ones will consume lesser power, say 1200 W. Assess your cooking needs in advance. If you’re not heavily into baking or if the number of users are low, a model with low power consumption should be sufficient.

OTGs come with or without rotisseries. The Rotisserie function is ideal for cooking meat. Rotisserie is a style of roasting meat in an oven. If you’re a vegetarian, then rotisserie is not really needed. Rotisserie can be either be motorized or manual. Strict non-vegetarians should opt for a motorized rotisserie.

What brands of ovens are available in India?

In India, OTGs are offered by several leading brands like:

Glossary of terms:

Thermostat is a component, which helps in regulating the OTG’s temperature. Thermostat senses the air temperature and switches heat on/off depending on the difference between the air temperature end the desired temperature for cooking.

The control panel for most OTGs is a mechanical knob-based and not touch controls like Microwave ovens. Mechanical control panels are good for heavy usage and are very easy to repair.

In an OTG, you can set a timer for how long you want the food to be cooked. The maximum timer limit can be up to 60 minutes.

This is the range for setting the temperature in an OTG. You will see temperature control range as 100-250 degrees C or 0 to 250 degrees C. For reheating you need a lower temperature whereas for baking you need a higher temperature.

Baking tray is used for baking cakes or pastries in an OTG. Most models of OTGs come with a baking tray.

A grill rack is an accessory that comes with an OTG. As the name suggests, they are useful for grilling items like kebabs or vegetables/meat.

Crumb tray collects the crumbs in the toaster. This minimizes the mess caused by bread crumbs as all the crumbs get accumulated in the crumb tray.

These are thin metal sticks used for grilling or roasting of meat/vegetables. Typically, OTGs come with 4 skewer rods.