Mixer, Juicer, Food Processor- what’s the difference between these


Cooking is an art! Most importantly, it is the need of every human being. However, with passing time it has become a great way in which people connect with one another. Science and technology both have advanced and we must say it has also entered the culinary world. There are several brands which manufacture using machines such as juicer, mixer a blender and of course a food processor. All of these terms could be used interchangeably. But of course three of them have major differences that we will discuss in this article. If you want to buy any of these products in the future or are looking for kitchen appliances online, this article will surely help!

All You Should Know About A Juicer

Juicer is basically a kitchen equipment out of which you can extract juices. Fruits, vegetables, grasses and wheats are often used for juices. People make different kinds of juices for this. There are several fruits like oranges, lemons and even citrus fruits which people often like to make juices with. In fact, you will also need a juicer while trying to prepare a smoothie. A leamon reamor could be a common juicer for you example. It is used often in the kitchen.

All You Should Know About A Mixer

Mixers are also a popular tool used in the kitchen for the purpose of mixing, beating and folding of essential food ingredients. They are a must in every Indian household and can be used for various purposes. There are two kinds of mixers available these days. One is called a hand mixer and the other is called a stand mixer. Mixers often come with beaters and are kept in the food that is to be mixed.

All You Should Know About A Blender

After learning about mixer and juicers, lets come to blenders. Now they are something you will need while trying to make puree or any other special substance. They can be used to make a paste of some sort. Stationary blenders usually come with a jar and some blade which is right the bottom and you will have to rotate in order to operate them. Immersion blenders can also be used some of these days which we can use in any container.

All You Should Know About A  Food processor

Food processors tend to be great electric appliances which helpin food making and other processes in the kitchen called the food processor. It comes with several changeable plates and some disks which you could multi task with pretty often. Of course you cannot use any liquid in the food processor in order to make it work. Food processor price always varies. You can check several websites such as amazon and flipkart for the best.

The Major differences between a juicer and a blender and food processors

All of these kitchen appliances are very different and it helps in making your food so much more delicious. Most juicers, processors and mixers do a particular kind of work, especially when it comes to food processors because they are always good at multi tasking. Most hand juicers are made for extracting juices out of fruits, grasses and vegetables. Mixers and blenders are used for making a substantial paste out of it. Juicers and mixers come with fixed blades whereas food processors could be used to change the blades and this depends upon the food as well as the task.  All of these machines usually are driven by the motor but the manual version may also be available. In every food processor, you will not need any water but when it comes to blenders and mixers, you will definitely have to add more water to keep it going!

So how did you like this post? Did it make things easier for you? Would you be able to differentiate between a juicer, blender and food processor from now on? If the answer is a yes, then the purpose of the article is served!