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What are the different type of Microwave

Description: A microwave oven or microwave as it is popularly called is a kitchen device for cooking and heating food materials. Food items kept inside the oven get cooked or heated by electromagnetic radiation waves of microwave category. Polar molecules within food particles, when exposed to these electromagnetic waves, gain thermal energy through the dielectric process of heating. Homogenous or high water content food items gain heat up to a depth of 1-1.5” (25 – 38 mm) from the surface.  Homogenous foods are more evenly cooked than other cooking techniques in this method. Dense or heterogeneous food items, however, are an exception.

Benefits : eHow proclaims that food in conventional solo microwave appliance gets heated by microwaves that pass through plastic or glass. In current generation convectional devices, conventional technology works in combination with radiation principle that heats up air that passes through food particles thereby heating or cooking them.

eHow further states that in conventional microwave ovens only plastic, glass, non-metallic or microwave compatible. Convection microwaves with multiple cooking options are costlier than the more common solo variety.

Description : This is a specialised microwave oven with heating coils and grill plates. In addition to performing all functions of a conventional microwave, this grill variety functions as a conventional griller. Preparations like tikka, kebabs, and toast which are crispy outside and juicy inside are ideally made in this microwave variety.

Benefits : The advantage of a grill microwave oven is that in addition to usual microwave functions it acts as a griller. A griller microwave successfully makes crispy foods that are not possible in a normal microwave machine. With this appliance, it is possible to make all types of items that are made in regular grills fitted to the main oven.

Description : When the functions of a standard microwave appliance are combined to those of a convention oven, a convection microwave is obtained. As compared to ordinary microwave ovens, food is prepared faster in convection variety. Even crispy dishes could also be cooked in this microwave variety. Microwave ovens are not suitable for baking cakes except for less open grain varieties like brownies. Among microwaves, this kind contains baking and browning elements. This type is equipped with a high-speed air fan which helps to circulate hot air inside.
Originally convection microwaves were treated as high-end appliances. Gradually they have become an affordable option with prices similar to conventional types. As these have a more expansive cooking area they occupy more space.

Benefits : This being a combination of traditional microwave and convention principles, food is cooked with the assistance of hot air and microwaves. Hot air helps in making the food crispy and brown while microwave does the cooking by going into food interiors. Food is cooked faster and uniformly.

Which microwave suits your needs ?

What you should look for : Like an original griller your food can be grilled in a time of minutes.

Recommendations : With almost every microwave you get grilling bars and tools which are very useful to grill. Just like an original griller your food can be grilled in a time of minutes. It reduces the need of having a real griller at your place. All you have to do to grill something is to put it on the grilling bar and choose the grilling option and put it in the microwave to grill it according to your need. You can grill sandwiches or meat and it will be grilled to perfection. Buying just a griller might cost you as much as buying a microwave whereas a microwave can do lot more that just grilling.

What you should look for :  Make pop corns in a quick time.

Recommendations :  You can choose the roasting option in your microwave and roast garlic, garlic breads, make pop corns in a quick time. It is best because all you need to do is put up a time for roasting, keep the stuff in the microwave that you want to be roasted and leave it. Your microwave will stop roasting at the given time and it minimizes the need of looking over it which we do while roasting on a stove. Roasting food is a very important part of the Indian style cooking and therefore this is a much loved feature by all.

What you should look for : Boiling is one of the most important activities in any cuisine cooking.

Recommendations: Boiling is one of the most important activities in any cuisine cooking. Boiling can also be done on stove but stove boils unevenly. A microwave boils things evenly. Be it potatoes or any other vegetable, a microwave boils stuff in quick time and are easy to cut and use. You can also set the boiling time according to how boiled you want them. Steaming vegetables help retain more nutrients than boiling and it is also less time consuming which is why scientists refer to boil in a microwave.

What you should look for : Defrosting anything in water is an easy way but microwaves can defrost your frozen vegetables or meat in a quick way.

Recommendations: Defrosting anything in water is an easy way but microwaves can defrost your frozen vegetables or meat in a quick way. All you need to do to defrost your frozen food is to put it in a microwave safe utensil and choose the defrost setting that is already available in most of the microwaves. Your food will be defrosted without the excessive washing, draining and wasting the water. Also this is efficient because it makes the food retain their original form and nutrients which they cannot retain otherwise.

Meaning of some frequently used terms

Meaning : The term power consumption refers to the amount of electrical energy consumed by the appliance (here microwave) for its functioning.

Benefits : Lesser the power consumption, more are the chances for the user to save money.

Meaning : Generally measured in Watts (W), Microwave power means the amount of electricity required to run the appliance.

Benefits : Microwave ovens are time-friendly appliances. When on one hand the traditional methods of cooking require a lot of time to be executed and a lot of space for installation, microwaves can execute your cooking at a time lesser than what gas ovens would have taken and also get themselves accommodated at a place smaller than the former.

Meaning : The capacity of a microwave refers to its ability to prepare food at a given time for a definite number of persons (Standard unit of measurement is litres)

Benefits : Microwaves with higher capacities can cook food for a larger number of people. For example, a microwave with a capacity of 20-25 litres can cook food for five to seven persons.

Meaning : The frequency of a microwave is the number of cycles it completes per unit time. The unit of frequency is Megahertz (MHz)

Benefits : Rotates at 2450 million cycles per second which facilitate the food to be cooked faster and efficiently.

Meaning : The digitised or non-digitised control panel that allows the user(s) to set the temperature, mode of cooking, the exact time needed to cook the food etc.is the control of the microwave oven.

Benefits : The user(s) can set the exact temperature, mode of cooking, time etc.as per the need.

Meaning : The timer of a microwave is that facility of a microwave that allows the user to set the cooking time for the food.

Benefits : The timer allows the user to set the required time for the different modes of food to be cooked.

Meaning : The build of the microwave oven is hinted by the terms external dimensions.

Benefits : The external build allows the food faster and more efficiently. The better the build the faster and efficient would be the cooking.

Meaning : By the term safety, the avoidance of electromagnetic radiations is signified.

Benefits: Researches concerning the safety of the food cooked in a microwave oven are going on. People are always concerned whether a microwave leaks electromagnetic radiations that often is linked to causing infertility and cancer. Yet, so far, no such cases have been heard of.

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