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Luminous is one of the most well-known inverter brands in India. Their products are extensively used for commercial and household applications. The inverter brand Luminous is actually owned by Luminous Power Technologies Private Limited, which is a company that was established in 1988 and currently dominates this market segment within this country. Luminous designs and manufactures inverters for all kinds of requirements, whether its high load, medium load or small load. Eco, Zelio, Ion and Supreme are a handful of well-known inverter series that has been produced by Luminous; all of these are known to be highly reliable and efficient. Apart from inverters, the brand Luminous also presents a wide range of high-quality Batteries, UPS systems and different Solar Power Products. Over the years, Luminous has developed an extensive network all over the country, which includes 28 sales offices as well as 50,000 and more channel partners.

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