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In 1914 engineer Nathaniel B. Wales formed Kelvinator in Detroit, Michigan. Wales was the first to introduce the concept of electrical refrigeration for homes to Arnold Goss and Edmund Copeland. Wales was able to mobilize funds from Arnold Goss who at that time was the secretary of Buick Automobile limited. Wales formed Electro- Automatic Refrigerating Company to manufacture and market household mechanical refrigerators.

In 1916 February, Wales changed the name of his company to ‘Kelvinator Company’ in honour of iconic English physicist Lord Kelvin, the founder of absolute ‘0’. In that same year, Kelvinator launched two dozen varieties of refrigerators for the American market. Two years later, in 1918, the company manufactured its first automatic control refrigerator.

Grand Rapids Refrigerator Company launched ‘Leonard Cleanable’ ice cabinet as the substitute for iceboxes. These porcelain lined cabinets were of particular interest to Kelvinator who were already into making ice cabinets. By 1923, the company held 4/5th of the total electrical refrigerator market in the United States.

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