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What are the different type Iron?

Description :Electric irons are usually light weighted basic iron and belong to the American heritage. They have great temperature setting and can really help you iron your clothes well. Most of them are of a thousand watt. Electric iron price usually tends to be around Rs 750.

Description :Steam irons are the variety which emits steam from the holes in its sole plate. They help you iron dry clothes without spraying water. They can iron clothes faster and better than the dry irons.  If you have heavily wrinkled and crushed clothes, steam irons can really help in ironing them. It is modern in terms of technology and is also very stylish in appearance. A steam iron price varies. It could be 1200 or even more, depending on the company you are going for and what you want to buy.

Description: Vertical steam irons were invented pretty recently and work quite well. Before the invention of the Vertical Steam Irons, steaming vertically was impossible.  It produces steam like any other high quality iron and can produce in both horizontal and vertical manner. Steaming is so good in these irons that you can bid farewell to all those wrinkles in no time. They also come with a better alternative as compared to traditional outfits. You will however need to spend a lot more on this product but it will save your time like anything! This is a great solution for ironing the products like curtains.


Description :Deluxe Clothes Irons are the best in the business these days. They come with excellent steam features and temperature controls that can be used during any time of the day. They also have soleplates that are non stick and don’t cost much at all. If you iron your clothes regularly or have fabrics that are heavy, then this product will definitely be worth the cash!

Description: Travel Irons are best for those who like standard irons that are smaller in size and lighter in weight. They can be folded when you are packing for your future vacations. They also come with steam capacities that can be shut on and off. Travel irons are also cordless and very much useful for those who travel often. They come in various sizes but we would suggest you to try the smaller one since they are much easy to use and suit your travel needs very well.

What should you know before purchasing one?

First decide whether you want a dry iron or maybe a steam one. Also check your budget and see what will suit you better. Both are for people with different needs. Check your first.

Whatever iron you are buying, make sure it comes with an automatic cut/shut off system. It will prevent fire and also maintain the temperature according to your need.

Finally you should know whether you want a cord or a cordless clothes iron. It would be good for you to buy a cordless one because you won’t have to use the electricity for this. Plus it is much more comfortable to use in that way.

An energy efficient iron is a must. Lesser the power consumption, more eco-friendly and pocket-friendly will the iron be.

Meaning of some frequently used terms

Meaning :The sole plate is the cast of molten aluminium. The sole plate is responsible for removing the wrinkles from the garment. Some sole plates come with multiple holes essential for steam ironing. Sometimes the sole plate is coated with a non-stick PTFE material or gets covered with a different metal, such as steel.

Meaning : The thermostat is that component which regulates the temperature of the iron and helps it to maintain a preset temperature. It does this by switching on or off the power.

Meaning :This is one of the most necessary parts in the iron of the modern era. The water in the tank, with the aid of a dedicated boiler is converted to steam. It is the steam that helps in taking away the wrinkles from the fabrics.

Meaning : After all the parts are manufactured, they are led to the assembly line for constituting them into a single unit.

As the first part of the assembly line, the thermostat is either attached with a screw to the sole plate or molded. On the top of the sole plate-thermo stat assembly, the water tank is carefully fitted. Eventually the body and the handle are fitted. What concludes the assembly line is the attachment of the electrical chord.

Now, the iron is ready to be tested. Once it gets labeled as “TESTED OK”, they are packed and made ready to be marketed.

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