Inverter Vs Non Inverter Air conditioners – which one should you buy?


What is a Non Inverter Aircon?

This is a regular airconditioner that has a system whereby the compressor (the main cooling mechanism) switches off when the room has reached the desired temperature. It then switches on again when the room temperature increases. Hence the compressor keeps on switching on and off throughout the period. The fan may remain on, but the compressor keeps going on and off based on the room temperature.

This is somewhat like running your car at full speed and then stopping, switching off the engine, then restarting, then again running your car at full speed, then stopping, switching off the engine and repeating this again and again

What is an Inverter Aircon ?

An inverter air conditioner has a variable speed compressor rather than a one with fixed speed. Through this technology, the compressor runs all the time and does not start and stop frequently. It controls the temperature by slowing down or speeding up as required

Inverter technology is considered to be more energy efficient. The compressor life may also be a bit longer as the compressor does not have to start and stop continuously

Inverter air conditioners are generally quieter in their operations. This is because they don’t frequently turn on and off based on the room temperature.

Inverter Aircons are usually more expensive than the regular non inverter type but may make a good buying decision as they last longer and are more energy efficient

Inverter technology is the latest technology for Air Conditioners. They use inverters to convert AC to DC and then regulate the compressor speed. Such aircons have a mechanism to check the ambient temperature in the room and then transmit this information back to the compressor controller, which in turn changes the compressor speed (instead of stopping and starting)

Why is called Inverter?

Inverter is a technical term for changing the type of current from AC to DC or DC to AC

This is manufacturers language. If you ask an air-conditioning sales person, he or she may tell you the benefits but will seldom tell you what the real meaning of inverter is


When buying an Air conditioner for your home, ask yourself a few questions

  1. Will you be using the equipment for many years
  1. Do you plan to use the air conditioner very frequently and for long periods of time
  1. Do you need them to be silent (a Split Aircon may be silent inside the house but may disturb your neighbours)
  1. Do you have the extra budgets to buy an inverter air conditioner

It is always recommended to buy more energy efficient appliances especially since we are now more conscious about Global Warming. And the cost of electricity is going up pretty rapidly.

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