Induction Cooktop Buying Guide


What is an Induction Cooktop?

An Induction Cooktop is an electrical appliance that generates heat through electromagnetic reaction between the induction cooking area and the vessel.Induction cooktops generate heat within the cooking pot as opposed to the conventional electric cooktops that first heat the cooking area and then transfer the heat to the cooking vessel.

Why should you buy anInduction Cooktop?

There are many reasons why one should bring home an induction cooktop.

  1. Induction cooktop allows for faster, safer, and easier cooking.
  2. These cooktops are very precise and are often recommended by chefs.
  3. Induction cooktops are now available at affordable prices.
  4. They are energy efficient.
  5. Since heat is generated inside the pot, induction cooktops do not heat the kitchen.

What are the different types of Induction Cooktop?

There are three main types of induction cooktops available in India.

Built-in cooktops are plane, chiseled appliances made of ceramic glass.They can be installed into kitchen countertop.They are beautifully designedand available in white, black, and black with stainless steel lining.Built-in cooktops can be placed in most convenient locations in the kitchen.They are available in multiple zone layouts, from a single zone layout to about five zones, which make them easy to fit into any kitchen.

Freestanding and slide-in units are available with induction cooktops placed over the oven. They are designed to fit in between counters. Full ranges offer a variety of zone options with multiple zone layouts, zone sizes, and zone counts.They also offer a blend of electric and induction zones to allow greater cooking flexibility.

Portable Standalone Induction Cooktops are highly convenient and versatile.They are mainly available in black and white.Portable cooktops allow you to start cooking at any place, at any time.When not in use, portable induction cooktops can be stored away.They can be easily carried around and facilitate outdoor cooking.They can provide speedy and consistent cooking at any time.Portable induction cooktops are designed to have either a single or double unit and are used as a convenient addition to the existing kitchen.

What should you look for when buying anInduction Cooktop?

Cooktops are an indispensable part of a kitchen.They are appliances that you tend to use many times in a day.It is therefore necessary to choose your induction cooktop wisely and buy one that will meet all your cooking needs.The following points will help you make a perfect choice of cooktop:

Cooktops come in three different types.Depending upon the layout of your kitchen, you can choose between a Built-in Cooktop, a Freestanding and a Slide-in Cooktop, or a Portable Single Standalone Cooktop.If you want to shortlist a freestanding range, check for additional features such as an integrated oven, a broiler, three-fan convection, child-safety lock, auto shut-off, delayed start, “SteamQuick” self-clean option, and a warming drawer.Built-in cooktops can be chosen for their benefit of convenient placement in the kitchen.

Induction cooktops are available in different sizes.You will first need to check the space available in your kitchen before buying a particular size of unit.Different sizes of cooktops can offer you different additional features.

Some portable induction cooktops have a maximum power of 2100W.The latest models of induction cooktops now come with a maximum power of 1500W or 1700W.However, these low powered cook-topsare equipped to provide temperature outputssimilar to that of a standard 2100W cooktop.The new models that provide efficient heating at lower power are really good energy savers.

Price is one of the major determinants when purchasing cooktops.Induction cooktop prices vary largely depending on the product quality, style, and additional features.You may have to pay a higher price for hob types with touchscreen controls, or a larger size of cooktop,or for the brand value.Energy-saving functions, auto cookware detection feature, child safety lock can add further to the price of the unit.It is therefore necessary that you understand what these features are and how useful they are for you before paying the price for them.Of all the cooktop models, the most affordable ones are the countertop induction cooktops and portable units.The average price of induction cooktop ranges between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 6000.

Different induction cooktops use different elements of induction coil. Higher watts Induction coil generate heat quickly and reach higher temperatures than a coil element with low watt potential.

Mostcooktops offer you the timer function which automatically activates the unit at a preset time.It is an important function that allows you to program the cooktop according to our choice.

Stainless steel and cast iron vessels are necessary when cooking on an induction cooktop.Most models of induction cooktops can automatically identify induction compatible cookware using its Auto Cookware Detection.Induction cooktops buzzes a beep sound or flashes On/Off when it identifies induction unsuitable cookware.It is better to choose a model with Auto Cookware Detection feature to allow you to easily identify induction compatible cookware.

Some induction cooktop models offer a child safety lock feature.When the induction cooktop is in operation, the child safety feature locks all the function keys on the cooktop, except the Power Off button for operational reasons.Even when locked, the cooktop will continue its preset operations.This feature will prevent your child from playing with the function keys and changing the settings or in the worst case, suffering from burns.

In some induction cooktops, smaller objects such as a ring or a spoon when placed on the cooktop are identified as non-cookware. Therefore, the cooktop does not switch on when these items are placed.This feature prevents energy wastage when small, non-cookware items get accidently placed in the heating zone.

There are some special installation requirements that need to be met when setting up an induction cooktop.You need to make sure that the domestic electrical wiring system can bear the load of induction cooktop.Electrical specifications can be a major factor influencing your buying decision in case you are required to rewire the electrical system to fit in an induction cooktop.

Always buy induction cooktops that come with manufacturer’s warranty.Check for the warranty of spare parts such as the top plate.The warranty offered on induction cooktops can vary between 1 to 2 years.It is better to choose a brand that offers a greater warranty period.

What brands are reliable and available in the market?

Some popular brands of induction cooktops in India are:

Glossary of Terms:

Advanced induction cookers nowadays have an inbuilt, rechargeable battery to power the cooktop in the case of a power failure.

The overflow feature consists of smart sensors that can detect and prevent spillover during the cooking process.

A program mode is a feature that allows you to program the induction cooktop for various recipes.

A warm mode is a function that allows you the keep the food warm at a serving temperature.

LED indicators are the messages shown on the controls display.