What is a Humidifier and what are the different types of humidifiers


Looking to buy a humidifier?

Humidifiers work by creating moisture in the space around them. This moisture helps you feel less dry and cooler especially in conditions of dry heat. The moisture is created from water that is in the humidifier unit

There are various types of humidifiers

  • Evaporative
  • Ultrasonic
  • Impeller
  • Steam

A Steam Humidifier heats the water and creates steam that is let out into the room. This is a basic type of humidifier and you can use it with some additives to give out an aroma in the room

An Ultrasonic humidifier uses a technology that creates ultrasonic vibrations that break up the water into miniscule droplets that are let out into the air. This gives a cooling effect. Such humidifiers are usually very silent

Evaporative Humidifiers work on a simple principle – let the water evaporate naturally. A wick or filter is used to pull up the water from the container and a fan blows and evaporates the water into the atmosphere. Such filters may need to be replaced or cleaned

An Impeller humidifier throws water onto a set of rotating blades that in turn break the water into a fine mist and send them into the air

The points to consider while making a purchase decision

  1. Safety – the steam humidifier should be considered carefully specially if the home has small children who may burn themselves if they get too close
  1. Noise – the Ultrasonic Humidifiers have the lowest sound levels but do not filter the water and may create mineral deposits in the roo
  1. Cost – the traditional evaporative ones are usually the cheapest but require changing or cleaning of the filters

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