How to get the most out of a deep fryer?


A deep fryeris anelectrically or gas-operated kitchen appliance used to deep fry food items. Traditionally, it was mostly used for commercial purposes; however, with the increasing popularity of French fries and chips, household models of deep fryers are also becoming widely available.

Following are some easy tips you can follow to ensure optimum performance from a deep fryer.

Choice of Oil:Choice of oil is an important operating factor.The instruction manual of most fryers will advise you on which oils should be used in a specific fryer.Oils such as sunflower, sesame, vegetable, soyabean, ground nut are generally recommended by the manufacturers of deep fryers.Thick oils such as olive oil, or margarine and butter should not be used in a fryer as they tend to bubble and smoke at higher temperatures.Oils with water content also should not be used in a deep fryer.

Changing of Oil:In any frying process, it is necessary to regularly change the oil for health reasons.Most fryer manuals recommended changing the oil anywhere between 5 to 25 uses, but it also depends on what was the oil used for, for frying.In case, the oil was used for frying chicken, the same oil cannot be used for frying French fries orpotato chips.You will need to change the oil even if it was used once.Also, you may need to change the oil earlier if you have fried food covered with breadcrumbs.In other cases, it is best to change the oil after every 8 to 10 uses on average.

Cleaning the Fryer:After you are done with the frying, you should allow the oil to cool off and then filter it with a sieve to remove the food residuessuch as fried batter or breadcrumbs.The filtered oil should be stored in a sealed container to be used again.Do not leave the oil in the fryer until next use.Oil tends to deposit on the inner lining of the unit making it dirty and difficult to clean.This may also decrease the efficiency of the fryer.

Cleaning a deep fryer is not an easy task anyway.However, there are models of fryers that come with removable baskets, handles, and lids that can be cleaned in a dishwasher.They can also be washed manually with soap and hot water.Deep fryers with non-removable parts need to be washed in a sink with soap and hot water.Keep in mind that the plug and cable of the fryer should not come in touch with water while cleaning.

Selecting the Right Fryer:Certain models of fryers are highly efficient when it comes to changing the oil or removing the old oil.They do not require you to lift the whole fryer up to remove the used oil.You will have to do your homework well to select the right model of a fryer that makes this messy job of changing oil easier.Also, some fryers come with an odor filter to reduce the problem of cooking smells.

Multiple Uses of Fryer:Contrary to popular belief that a deep fryer is mainly used for frying chips and fries, most fryers are also used to fry onion pakodas, potato bhajiyas, palak pakodas, vadas. Deep fryers can also be used for making non-vegetarian food savories such as chicken fry.You can very well put your fryer to multiple uses.