How to Determine the Ideal Capacity in Tons for an Air-conditioner?


An air conditioner is an electronic device which cools the room by decreasing the room temperature.The operating mechanism of an air conditioner is just like a refrigerator. Some air conditioners use evaporation and cooling techniques.

Earlier, the air conditioners were considered to be a luxury item afforded only by the rich.However, considering climate change and the growing effect of global warming, air conditioners have now become item among large appliances.

The use of air conditioners has greatly increased.They can now be purchased on finance, and thus are within the reach of a common man.However, it is very important to select the correct capacity of an air conditioner.There are a few factors to be kept in mind when selecting an air conditioner, popularly known as the ACs.

Area of the Room:

The most important factor is how big is the space that needs to be cooled.It is obvious that one cannot blindly buy an electronic device unless one is sure that the purpose will be served.You will need to measure the area of the room in order to determine what capacity AC you will need for your room.ACsare not only designed to cool the room, but also to remove the humidity.An oversized AC may cool the room quickly, but may not be able to remove humidity.A right sized AC on the other hand will cool the room quickly as well as eliminate humidity.

Below is a chart which will help you in the selection of a right sized AC.

Area of the Room in Square Feet Capacity Needed in Tons
Up to 120 Up to 0.75
121-150 Up to 1
151-250 Up to 1.5
250-400 2 or above

Ambient Climate:

Climate plays a very important role in the functioning of the AC.If the outside temperature is too hot, the AC will take longer time to cool.The number of windows also determine the functioning of the AC.Air Conditioners have refrigerant in them.They work by circulating this refrigerant and eventually the room starts cooling.With greater number of windows, it’s obvious that more heat will enter in the room; hence the air conditioner will take more time to cool the room.The selection of the capacity of an AC therefore depends on the windows in the room and the outside climate as well.

Location of the room:

Location of the room is also an important factor that determines the capacity of the AC.If the room is situated at a higher altitude, it will be less hot in comparison to a room which is situated at a lower altitude.Hence the rooms at higher altitudes will require an AC of lower capacity than the same area located at lower altitudes.

Electrical Appliances in the room:

Electrical appliances generate heat whilst they function. Items like lights, desktops, refrigerators etc. emit heat and make the room hotter.Hence if thereis a greater number of electrical appliancesin a room, the room will take more time to cool.Hence in places likes banks and offices, ACs of a higher capacity are needed in comparison to an average household.


:Since air conditioners with greater capacity consume more power, which in turn results in greater energy costs it is recommended that you choose the right capacity AC.The air conditioner should be neither too small nor too big for your room.