How to calculate the power consumption of your home appliances


How to calculate the power consumption of your home appliances

When you are handed over the electricity bill every month, you might not think too much about what goes right inside it. But the truth is, almost every appliance or even electronic device that you use adds onto a little something to the bill. When you find out what the biggest energy consumes in your house, you will be able to adjust all your usage by simply unplugging or just using the device even lesser. The changes that you make will also help you whittle down all the expenses of energy that is consumed.

When you begin to calculate the cost of energy of your home appliance or any other electronic device, it is very easy. There are several devices that have a label but there are many lists on how many watts it tends to use. It could either be the device or even the manual of the owner. You might think that finding this sort of number is very easy to figure out. You will however need to find this out by seeing how much this appliance us costing you. You will also have to estimate the number of hours in a day you will need for using a sort of appliance.

Four easy steps that will help you calculate Watts

The conversion of watts is quite easy. Just follow the guideline given here to learn more. If you want to calculate the costs of energy consumption, all you have to multiply the wattage of the units with the number of hours that you use. It can help you find the basic number of hours and watts that are being consumed on a regular basis. An example can be used to explain this. You can say you use a watt television that is of 125 watts and lasts for three hours in a day. You can always multiply the wattage by the hours per day and in that way you will be using 375 watts per hour in a day.


The conversion to kilowatts is equally simple if you follow this method. When electricity is measured in kilowatt hours on the electricity bill! Since you all know that one kilowatt is a thousand watts, you can calculate how many kilowatts a device will use by simply dividing it by a thousand. That’s it!

Using in a months time

You can find out how much it will actually cost your electricity bill by trying to take the equation a little further. First you will have to figure out the number of kwh your television or any other home appliance uses every month. That will make things much easy!

Finding out the cost

Finally you will have to take your previous electricity bull into consideration. See how much you have been paying for every kilowatt. An example can be used again to illustrate this point. If you have been paying around ten cents for every kilowatt per hour, this will help. If you want to find out how much it costs you every month, you will have to multiply the rate of electricity by the kilowatt every month that you have already calculated above.

Other examples that can be used to explain

Here is another example that can help you understand. If your refrigerator runs around 24 hours per day then this is what you will have to do. Most of the refrigerators consume around 800 watts of electricity. We can assume that you have purchased a model that is of 300 watts.

When 300 watts is multiplied into 24 hours, it will lead to seven thousand and two hundred watt hours every day. 7,200 watts every day means 7.2 kwh is being consumed on a regular basis. If you can multiply that into thirty, you will get the whole months usage. And if you multiply that with 10 paise, you will get your months total billing. Not bad right?