How is a Smartwatch different from Fitness Bands?


What is a Smartwatch?

A Smartwatch is a digital watch with many features.Showing time is no longer the only thing a watch can do.Smartwatches have evolved into much more.Earlier models of the smartwatches allowed users to perform calculations and play games.

Nowadays, smartwatches have many more advanced functions, such as touch screens and functions like FM Radio.They can also transfer files and videos via Bluetooth, just like smartphones.

They can also have an inbuilt camera, barometer, compass, thermometer, and many more features.They can operate on Wi-Fi and GPS too.In short, one can say that a smartwatch is like wearing a mini computer on your hand.

What is a fitness band?

Nowadays people are becomingmore and more health conscious.They not only take care of their diet, but also keep a track of other heath related issues, such as monitoring their physical activities.

For this purpose, people are increasingly using a device called a fitness band.As the name suggests, the fitness band is a band for tracking fitness.A fitness band is a wristband with specific functions.It is also known as a fitness tracker.

It is widely used to measure walking steps, running distances, heart rate, sleep patterns, etc. The band then transfersthis user data to a mobile or a computer.The data is in turn used to monitor the ups and downs in health and get a better picture of the user’s physical wellbeing.

It is a good way of spotting health-related issues early on.

Smartwatch v/s fitness bands:

A smartwatch and a fitness band are both worn on the wrist.Then how are these two different?Let’s look at the reasons.

A smartwatch is a multipurpose device, while fitness bands are specifically used for health and fitness. Smartwatches are designed to use technology for various purposes such as entertainment, connectivity and more.

Fitness bands are designed to help people monitor their health and wellbeing.On one hand where a smartwatch can relax a person by playing music, a fitness band, on the other hand, can measure how relaxed a person is (by tracking the heartbeat).

However, there are a few smartwatches in the market that serve the purpose of a fitness band as well.They also have features like monitoringheart rate, thermometer etc.

Generally, smartwatches are more expensive than fitness bands, as they can be put to multiple use.

Talking about preferences, the younger generation is likely to opt for a smartwatch,whereas a fitness band is used both by young and old.


In summary, smartwatch is a multipurpose device and fitness bands serve a single purpose – monitoring health and fitness. If you’re looking for a device only for health and fitness, you should go for a fitness band. But if you’re looking for more than health and fitness, then you should choose a smartwatch.