How do Breadmakers Work?


When you go to a store to buy bread, the first thing you look for is its freshness.Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could enjoy freshly baked bread almost always and within the comfort of your own home?This is what breadmakers are here to do.They are here to prepare your daily loaf of fresh bread.

What is a breadmaker?

A breadmaker is a compact,electrical appliance that is used to bake bread.Many Indians have never baked bread and may never think of doing so in the future.However, the modern breadmakers are here to change the scenario.They are helping families bake their own bread, and that too daily at a much lesser cost than what one would pay for in a bakery.

How does a breadmaker work?

First, let us look at how the breadmakers work before you could set your mind up at buying one.An automatic breadmaker is designed to perform all the functions by itself with little intervention from the user.

A breadmaker is a small electric oven with large-sized, single bread tin.The tin is connected to an electric motor with an axle.The tin also has a small-sized metal paddle that fastens onto the axle.

At first, the paddle is set inside the tin.The tin is then loaded with the breadmaking ingredients.Now all you need to do is put the tin back into the oven, press some buttons on the control panel, shut the lid, and wait for the process to finish.

Breadmakers with a glass lid will allow you to check on the progress of the breadmaking process.As the machine spurs into action, its paddle spins, kneading the ingredients into a smooth dough.Once the kneading is done, the machine settles down allowing the dough to rise.After that, you can hear it knead again followed by an interval of quiet for proving the dough.

Finally, the oven will be kicked on.As the bread bakes, steam is seen coming out of the vent carrying the aroma of a freshly baked bread.Within a set time, the breadmaking process is complete.

A breadmaker is programmed to make different kinds of breads, such as wholemeal loaf, white bread, or breads using different flours and different ingredients.

An important part of breadmaking process is the programming of a breadmaker, which is a rather uncomplicated process.

You will need to follow the following instructions.

  1. Choose the type of bread from different settings on the control panel such as basic, multigrain, whole wheat, French loaf, etc.
  2. Press the bake mode.Within bake mode, you can choose between bake, sandwich, bake rapid, or dough.This setting changes the sequence of mixing the ingredients, kneading and rising of dough, and the baking process.You can even stop your machine after the dough mode, open the tin, and take the dough out for any other purpose, such as for making pizza.
  3. Set the loaf size to small, medium, or large.
  4. Choose the crust type.
  5. On pressing the TIMER button, the unit shows the total time it would take to bake the loaf.
  6. Hit the START button, and there goes your breadmaking process.

After the bread is baked, all you have to do is open the lid, remove the tin out, take the bread out of the tin, and allow it to cool.The cleaning of the unit is also a simple process.You only have to wash the tin and the paddle, which can be done in no time.


A breadmaker is a convenient option to enjoy your delicious loaf of daily bread, which is much healthier, hygienic, and as per your taste, without having to run to the bakery or the store.