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Namihei Odaira, an electrical engineer, established Hitachi in Ibaraki Prefecture in 1910. Its first product was a 5-horse power induction electrical motor, the first of its kind in Japan. This motor was initially used in Japanese copper mines. Hitachi soon emerged as a domestic leader in power building industry and electric motors.

Hitachi that started off as an in-house endeavour of Fusanosuke Kuhara’s mining concern in Ibaraki soon became a market leader in Japan. The term Hitachi is made up of ‘hi’ meaning sun, and ‘tachi’ implying ‘rise’. Odaira thus represented Japan’s insignia of ‘rising sun’ through the name of his company. In 1918, Odaira shifted the head office of Hitachi to Tokyo.

Hitachi America Ltd. was formed in 1959 while Hitachi Europe Ltd. Came into existence in 1982

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