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What are the different type of freezer?

Description: A Chest freezer is the most economical variant of freezer available on the market. It is named in this way as it typically comes in the shape of a large chest or box with one hinged lid opening upward. Due to the lid, it is necessary for a chest freezer to have plenty of space and head room.

Benefits: Chest freezers are not equipped with a fan; this limits air circulation which leads to inconsistency in temperature levels. Nevertheless, this will not adversely affect the quality of the food items as long as the freeze can maintain the temperature below freezing point.

Description: Drawer freezers are mostly found in the gourmet kitchens or larger kitchens, offering convenience for the chef who must have certain items ready at hand as he/she prepares the food.

Benefits: Many drawer freezers come at cabinet height which makes them ideal for being installed easily into the existing cabinetry. Some of the freezers are also fitted with a finished top that allows in extending the countertop space in any room they are used.

Description: Although an upright freezer comes at a greater price tag that a chest freezer, but it does provide with a range of exciting and convenient features.

Benefits: Upright freezers generally come with the auto defrosting feature and this makes it much easier for the users to clean and maintain them than the chest freezers.

Description: Having portable and small freezers has now made it possible for users to carry items that run the risk of being spoiled without the inconvenience and mess of a cooler medium filled with ice.

Benefits: The wide range of styles and sizes of freezers which are available today makes it possible for users to find the best product that suits the needs of the user. Whether one is looking for a freezer to store meat or other food items that are purchased in large quantities or transport frozen food items for a camping trip, there’s definitely a freezer model that can fulfill such specific needs.

Meaning of some frequently used terms

Meaning: This feature helps to automatically adjust the temperature of a freezer to freeze food items as fast as possible.

Benefits: One of the many benefits that outweigh cost impost that’s associated with this technology that is generally 40% greater for every unit of quantity frozen.

Meaning: It provides a way for condensation for escaping the freezer through an evaporator tray.

Benefits: This feature is quite common to most of the modern freezers and it helps to easily reduce building up of ice.

Meaning: It is an energy labeling system that is used for regulating the minimum efficiency standards.

Benefits: The greater number of stars received by a freezer, the more energy efficient is the model.

Meaning: Frost-free freezers automatically prevent building up of the ice, thereby eliminating the user’s occasional necessity to defrost.

Benefits: The absence of ice build-up makes the temperatures within such freezers more evenly spread. This improves food quality as well as energy efficiency of such an appliance.

Meaning: It is a model of freezer/fridge wherein the freezer is placed at the side of the fridge compartment.

Benefits: The side-by-side models often come fitted with narrow doors which are useful in places of limited space.

Meaning: It is a device used for determining and regulating temperatures within the freezer.

Benefits: The thermostat generally comes as a dial, digital or slide controls.

Meaning: It is a type of freezer wherein the door is placed on the front, much like the traditional fridge.

Benefits: Upright freezer models make it quite easy to have access to the food.

Meaning: It is a cooling system which helps to circulate cold air more easily and efficiently all around the fridge, thereby helping to avoid hotspots.

Benefits: MultiFlow-accelerated air circulation technology helps to maintain a constant temperature within all sections of a refrigerator, apart from the ZeroZone drawer in which temperature is maintained close to 0°C. The cool air is passed through the vents within refrigerator back wall and also directly into ZeroZone drawer. When compared to the conventional systems, the MultiFlow system delivers most efficient cooling for the food, thus keeping aroma, freshness and the nutrients of the vegetables, fruits and meat intact for much longer. The MultiFlow technology is included in all models that come with ZeroZone drawer.

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