Features of Kettle Explained


A kettle is an electrical appliance used to instantly heat water that can be used for making tea, coffee, or for cooking.If you are a regular tea or coffee drinker, an electric kettle is an appliance you should be looking for.It is a low-profile appliance with a rather simple operation.All you need to do is fill it with water, insert the plug, and switch it on to have hot water ready within a few minutes.

Let us take a deeper look into the features of an electric kettle and the benefits of each feature.Although not all features will be required by everybody, it is better to know about these salient features of each model to make an informed buying decision.

The following are some essential features of an electric kettle.

Limescale Filter:A limescale filter is a mesh that is generally fitted in the spout.The mesh filter prevents any limescale from being poured into the pouring cup.This feature is necessary in case you tend to use hard water for boiling.The effectiveness of the kettle also depends upon the effectiveness of the limescale filter, the ease of removing and cleaning of mesh filter, as well as the ease of putting the filter back.

Boil-dry Protection:The boil-dry protection is an important safety feature.In case the kettle does not have sufficient water for boiling, the boil-dry protection feature automatically switches the power off thereby preventing burn or any further damage to the kettle.

Cool Touch Body:Most kettles nowadays are designed to have an insulated body which prevents the heat from transferring to the outer body.Even though the water inside boils, the outer body of the kettle remains cold enough for you to easily touch it.This is again an important safety feature to prevent you from accidental burns.

Concealed Element:Most models of kettles have concealed heating elements, which makes the kettle easy to clean.However, there are some models that do have exposed elements thereby making the kettle comparatively high maintenance.

Power:Kettles are available in 2.2kW to 3kW power range.Kettles with higher power have higher efficiency.However, not necessarily all kettles with similar wattage can take same amount of time to bring the water to boil.You will need to check how much time is taken by each model of kettle in order to choose the most efficient one.

Cordless Connections:The advanced models of kettles do not come with a cord.Power cord is connected to a separate power base thereby allowing you greater freedom when pouring out water or filling water in the kettle.

Illuminated Kettles:Most kettles have LED light switches to indicate whether they are On or Off.Some models have different forms of illuminationsuch as blue switches, illuminated water gauges or bases, or illuminated, transparent whole bodies of the kettle itself.This feature allows you to easily know whether the kettle is On or Off.

Water Level Indicators:For every model of a kettle, the manufacturer gives a recommendation regarding the minimum level of water to be maintained for boiling.Water level windows allow you to see how much water is there in the kettle so as not to overfill or underfill the water than recommended.Choose a model that has distinct water level markings that are clearly visible when filling water.

Variable Temperature Settings:Variable temperature settings allow you to more effectively control the temperature of the boiling water.A kettle that provides variable temperature settings can be put to multiple uses, allowing you to boil water at different temperatures to make different beverages.For example, coffee requires boiling water temperature versus green tea requires water to be heated at 70-80°C.


An electric kettle will boil water for you much faster and more effectively.However, before buying, you should carefully go through each and every feature a model has to offer and select the unit that has the most desirable and useful features as per your requirement.