Features of Gas-Powered Water Heater Explained


Almost every household in an Indian metro city houses a water heater.The biggest advantage of the appliance is to make available a bucket full of hot water within a few minutes.In today’s day and age, there is very little time for people to heat the water on a gas stove and use it for their daily bath.Water heaters have made this daily chore much easier.

Water heaters are of two types, electric and gas powered.Let us consider some salient features of a gas water heater to help us understand the basic functioning of a water heater.

  1. Burner Settings: Gas water heaters have an in-built burner that ignites once the water flows through the heater and the switch is turned on.Almost all heater models come with three burner settings according to the seasons, such as summer, winter, and spring.Depending upon the setting you choose, the water temperature will be very hot, medium, or lukewarm.Burner settings help you save energy and cut on your utility bill.
  1. Advanced Combustion Technology:Modern models of water heaters use the advanced combustion technology utilizing the gas to the optimum and enhancing the thermal efficiency.The advanced combustion technology ensures complete combustion of the fuel.
  1. Heat Exchanger:Gas water heaters have an inbuilt heat exchanger made of thick copper elementthat transfers heat from the burning natural gas onto the cold water flowing through the pipes.The efficiency of a water heater is mostly based on the efficiency of the heat exchanger.
  1. Auto Ignition:An auto ignition feature ignites the burner automatically when the water flows through the tap and the heater switch is turned on.
  1. Adjustable Knob:Gas water heaters are provided with an adjustable knob to regulate the amount of water passing through the heater and also to control the intensity of gas flow.
  1. Flue Block Protector:The flue block protector protects the flue inlet from blockages, thereby ensuring smooth functioning of the water heater.
  1. Oxygen Depletion Sensor:Some water heater models come with an oxygen depletion sensor.When the oxygen in the bathroom decreases due to gas combustion, these safety sensors will automatically cut off gas supply, thereby extinguishing the flame and preventing a further drop in oxygen level.Decreased oxygen levels can cause unconsciousness; therefore, oxygen depletion sensor is an important safety feature.
  1. Flame-failure Protection Device:The flame failure feature automatically shuts down the appliance in case the burner flame extinguishes.
  1. Over Heat Protection Cut off:With the help of overheat protection feature, the gas heater will automatically shut down when it reaches a predetermined temperature level.
  1. Dry Heat Protection:Dry Heat Protection is another safety feature that does not allow the appliance to switch on unless thereis sufficient want in the tank.
  1. Child Lock Switch:The child lock feature is a safety lock that freezes all the control functions of the heater.This feature prevents children from playing with the buttons and switching on or off the gas heater or changing any settings.
  1. Inlet Water Flow Sensor:The inlet water flow sensor senses the flow of water into the pipe and then switches on the appliance.The appliance does not switch on unless there is sufficient water supply into the heater.


The features in a gas water heater are many and each has distinct benefits.It is wise to spend extra and bring home a model that has many additional safety and efficiency features.After all, water heaters should be handled with care, and it is better to be safe than sorry.