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Electrolux as known today originated from the merger of two Swedish companies: Lux AB and Svenska Elektron AB. Stockholm based Lux AB, a company founded by Sven Carlson in 1901 was into manufacturing kerosene lamps for railway stations. These large kerosene lamps were based on an invention of David Kempe. The company had factories in Riga (part of imperial Russia), and Lilla Essingen Island in Stockholm. As competition toughened and electric lamps came into being it became necessary for Lux to diversify into a different product. Thus, in 1912, it started manufacturing electric vacuum cleaners.

Svneska Elektron is the other company that joined with Lux AB to form Elektrolux in 1919. With about 400 employees it started manufacturing vacuum cleaners and by 1947, it began making refrigeration apparatus through acetylene gas welding process of AB Electrolux in Motala.

The name of the company was changed to ‘Electrolux’ in 1957 and is today an established name in household appliances.

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