Electric Tandoor Buying Guide


What is an Electric Tandoor?

An electric tandoor is a tandoor that runs on electricity. It is a strong square-shaped, metallic box that has a sliding tray. Food needs to be put into the sliding tray for cooking.

Electric tandoor is used for grilling vegetables and also non-vegetarian food at home. Chicken tandoorikebabs, parathas, naans, and tandoori rotis can be made easily using an electric tandoor.

Reasons why you should buy anelectric tandoor:

Tandoori items, be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian, are a hot favorite amongst Indians. Most Indians like their naans and rotis fresh out of a tandoor. Though, all this while the simplest option to eating delicious tandoori food was a visit to the restaurant, now with the advent of an electric tandoor, you can enjoy your tandoori items right in the comfort of your own home.Some reasons why you need an electric tandoor:

  1. Tandoori food items have a different authentic taste and aroma
  2. Foods prepared in a tandoor are oil-free and thus much healthier compared to fried foods.
  3. The appliance is portableand can be carried around easily for outdoor vacations.
  4. The cost of an electric tandoor is lower than a conventional oven.
  5. Electric tandoors are user-friendly, easy to operate, and allow for mess-free cooking.
  6. Electric tandoors do not produce smoke.

How are electric tandoors different from traditional tandoors?

The traditional tandoor is a cylindrical clay pit that uses coals and wood for fire. In order to cook, the food needs to be placed above the fire, using a stick. Whereas an electric tandoor is a compact device in which food can start cooking instantly, the moment you put it inside the sliding tray.

Installing traditional tandoors required special skills. However, an electric tandoor can start functioning right away without any installation hassles.

It takes a lot of time to make tandoori food in a traditional tandoor. In today’s urban lifestyle, no one has the time to wait for the tandoor to heat up. An electric tandoor provides does not take so much time to heat up initially and thus provides much faster cooking.

How does an electric tandoor work?

The electric tandoor is based on the coil technology that’s similar to oven toaster grills (OTGs). The technology converts electricity into heat for cooking.

The use of an electric tandoor is not restricted to tandoori items alone. You can also use it for making cookies, parathas, desserts and even baking pizza. You can also use an electric oven for defrosting, using its warming feature.

What are the features of electric tandoors?

Depending on the brand of electric tandoor, you may get some or all of the features in an electric tandoor.

Some electric tandoors com with a groove for oil collection that prevents wastage of oil. This is an excellent feature for the cost-conscious Indian household.

This helps in setting the temperature inside the electric tandoor. Some models come with a 10-step thermostat, which means you can set the temperature at 10 different heat settings. This allows you to cook different items with ease.

This feature allows you to use both the sides of an electric tandoor, when needed. You can access the interiors of the tandoor with ease and it also makes for easier cleaning.

This feature allows to use and open the tandoor seamlessly. Floating hinges ensure even cooking of thick food items like chicken or fish tikka or a thick pizza.

This feature ensures your food doesn’t stick to the electric tandoor, thus minimizing wastages. It also makes the tandoor easy to clean.

Some models allow you to prepare tandoori items on a glass cooktop, just like a regular gas cooktop. This way, you don’t have to worry about sliding the food items into the oven. Glen’s Glass grill tandoor is one example of such a model.

Things to look out for when buying an electric tandoor?

As seen above, electric tandoors come with different features. You should understand all the features in detail and opt for one that provides all the features you need.

Check out the capacity of food that can be handled by the electric tandoor. Some brands like Suntime specify that you can cook up to 2 kgs of tandoori chicken or bake up to 1 kg of biscuits using their electric tandoors. You should clarify how much food can the electric tandoor handle at one time.

Different variants of electric tandoors come with different power consumption. For example, some may come with 800-watt or others will come with 1200-watt power consumption. More power consumption means faster cooking but increased utility bills. Go for a model that provides a balance between efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Before buying an electric tandoor, check for the warranty offered by different brands. Wonderchef offers a 1-year warranty on its electric tandoors, whereas brands like Nova and Wellberg offer a 2-year warranty. Opt for a product that gives a competitive warranty.

What brands are reliable and available in the market?

In India, some popular brands offering electric tandoors are:

Glossary of Terms:

A detachable oil tray ensures ease of cleanliness of the electric oven.

Certain brands of electric tandoors mention low heat radiation as a feature. This means the tandoor does not generate too much heat, making it suitable for indoor use.

This refers to the exterior of the electric tandoor. All leading brands provide stainless steel housing for the tandoor. Likewise, the handles of the tandoor are also made of stainless steel.

These are light indicators that show the temperature inside the tandoor. Using this feature, you can adjust the temperature to the optimum.