Different types of Mosquito Repellants and their Features


Mosquitoes have become a big nuisance these days, given the increased number of cases of dengue and malaria caused by mosquito bites.Nowadays, it has become increasingly important to keep our families and ourselves safe from mosquito bites.Using effective and safe mosquito repellents have become a necessity.

In the olden days, mosquito nets were the most effective way of keeping out mosquitoes, but now with the advancement of technology, a number of new mosquito repellents are available in the market. These repellents can be made from natural ingredients, synthetic ingredients, or a mixture of both.Among synthetic ingredients, DEET is the most effective one.Among plant-based ingredients, citronella is very efficient. Both types of mosquito repellents will work on all types of mosquitoes.

Following are some commonly available mosquito repellents.

  1. Repellents with natural oils:These repellents generally consist of natural oils that can be applied over the skin to keep the pesky mosquitoes away.Since they are natural, liquid repellents are safer to use as opposed to synthetic ingredients.Oils such as Lemon Eucalyptus Oil, Lavender Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Thyme Oil, Greek Catnip Oil, and Soybean Oil in different concentrations are very effective as mosquito repellents.

Though, these are natural products, higher doses of these oils can cause irritation to the skin.Therefore, they should be used carefully.The oils can not only be applied on the skin, but when mixed with other fluids, can be sprayed on clothing, upholstery, around the house or on plants. You can get these repellents from brands like Fabindia and Omwed.

  1. Liquidizers/Vaporizers:Certain brands of mosquito repellents are available in the form of liquidizers.They are electrically operated and give out fumes of repelling ingredient.Brands such as All Out, Maxo, KnightQueen, and Mortein offer liquidizers and vaporizers.
  1. Cream or Lotion:Creams and lotions are good for localized application.They can be applied directly on to the skin.Creams and lotions are useful especially if you want to go outdoors.They have little or no smell. Odomos Lotion, Good Knight Cream, Odomos Cream are examples of mosquito cream or lotion.
  1. Patch: Mosquito repellents are also available in the form of a patch. These patches can be attached on clothing.They are better for both outdoor and indoor use.They are water resistant.They can be safely used on newborn babies.Some well-known companies producing mosquito repellent patches are Odomos, FirstCry, Surete, &Senecio.
  1. Spray: Mosquito repellents are also commonly available in the form of sprays. Certain brands can be sprayed on skin, on clothing, or in the room.Most sprays contain DEET and have a long-lasting effect.Mosquito repellent room sprays are used to kill mosquitoes in the room and also in surrounding areas.
  1. Mosquito Repellent Clothing: A recent advancement in the area of mosquito repellents is the availability of mosquito repellant clothing.These clothes are made of tightly woven fibers and are infused with natural repellent to protect from mosquito bites. An example of mosquito repellent clothing is the mosquito repellent blanket from Mosgard.
  1. Other mosquito-repellent:Some items repel mosquitoes by emitting a fragrance on burning.These items are coils, candles, or ThermaCELL products.ThemaCELL products are ideal for picnics and outdoor camping due to their high effectiveness. Paper-based mosquito repellents from Godrej are also a popular choice of mosquito repellents.


The safest mosquito repellents are those that mostly contain natural ingredients.However, one should bear in mind that a mosquito repellent is not a poison.It only repels the mosquitoes, but rarely kills them.However, repellents with synthetic ingredients are found to be more effective than the natural ones.Therefore, based on the situation and depending on how badly you need yourself protected, you can choose the appropriate type of mosquito repellent.