Difference between Microwave and Conventional Oven


Oven:A conventional oven is an enclosed, electrical appliance used for heating, baking,and cooking food.Ovens are primarily used for baking bread, cakes, and biscuits.

Microwave:A microwave is a high-end version of an oven.A microwave oven uses microwaves, which are electromagnetic radiations to cook food.A microwave can serve as a cooker for boiling and steaming, toasting, grilling, baking, and defrosting.

Following are a few stark differences between a microwave and a conventional oven:

  1. An oven helps in cooking the food, while some basic models of microwave are only used for warming or reheating the food.
  2. A microwave uses electromagnetic waves to generate heat and cook food.An oven uses thermal heat for baking and roasting food.
  3. A microwave needs electric power supply to operate.Whereas ovens on the other hand can be either electrically powered or gas powered.
  4. A microwave takes much less time to cook as compared to a conventional oven.You do not need to preheat a microwave to cook.Ovens need to be preheated before putting the food ingredients inside.
  5. Microwaves are more energy efficient than conventional ovens.Electromagnetic radiations can be generated instantly as you switch on power supply in a microwave.Whereas an oven takes more energy and time for the coil to heat up.
  6. In large scale professional cooking, gas ovens are preferred over microwaves.
  7. An oven cooks the food first from the outside and then on the inside.In a microwave, high intensity radiations penetrate the food and cook the food inside out.
  8. Microwave cooking kills the moisture from the food making the food dry and hard sometimes.Oven, on the other hand, does not dry up moisture from the food thereby retaining the juices of food inside.
  9. A microwave does not heat the cooking chamber.Once the power is switched off, you can open the door without feeling the gush of hot air.Whereas an oven heats up the entire chamber inside the oven and you have to be cautious while taking the food out.
  10. The basic use of an oven is to bake cookies, cakes, brownies, pizzas, breads, and biscuits.A microwave on the other hand can be used to carry out multiple functions of cooking such as boiling, steaming, roasting, grilling, defrosting, as well as baking.However, it is difficult to have the same efficiency of baking in a microwave as in the oven.
  11. The basic use of a microwave is to warm or reheat cooked or leftover food.An oven cannot be used to reheat or warm cooked food as conveniently.
  12. Microwave cooking is instant.Oven cooking is time-consuming.


Both microwave and conventional ovens are two important kitchen appliances serving different purposes.If you are more into baking cakes and cookies, a conventional oven is an ideal choice for you.But if you want an appliance for reheating or instant cooking, a microwave will do the deal.

Nowadays, microwaves are generally preferred by working class individuals for their ease-of-use benefit.Whereas traditional users can very well bring home an oven.