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What are the different type of Deep Fryers?

Description :This type of fryer is perfect for different types of heavy frying requirements. The large sediment zone that is present below its burner tubes enables the particles to accumulate and settle.

A tube fryer is notable for its corrosion-resistant stainless steel finish, aluminized inner framing welding and easy cleaning options. Its triple flue design allows more efficient operation and keeps the device cooler. The adjustable 6-inch stainless steel legs allow easy leveling. The installation clearances for the non-combustible surfaces are 6 inches in the rear and 2 inches on the sides; for the combustible surface clearances, clearances are 6 inches on sides as well as the rear. The hinged front door panel offers control and protection.

Description : The Open Pot Fryers are highly versatile and perfect for most types of basic frying requirements.

The narrow and small sediment zone makes it less suitable for different kinds of heavy sediment foods. However, this same feature also makes this device easy to clean.

Description : In case, you have not yet noticed the shape and structure of the flat bottom fryers, the frypot on these systems is shaped like a big square that comes with a flat bottom. This means that there isn’t any sediment zone that is commonly present on every commercial fryer that has been detailed so far. Hence, while some of the remnants are going to float on the top thereby allowing the user to scoop them out easily, there are also some commercial kitchens that have built their reputations by serving these delicious pieces; the rest of the pieces are going to accumulate at the bottom. Just like these little bits, the food items that are appropriate for the flat bottom fryer may sink in oil initially, but are going to remain afloat on the top when they get ready.

Tempura, wet-battered fish and funnel cakes are going to do great in the flat bottom fryers along with various unusual dishes like candy bars and fried butter. A ribbon fryer or a flat bottom fryer is probably the best fryer device for you in case you are planning to sell plenty of food items at various state fairs or you are looking to fry the battered foods.

Description : Propane deep fryers are meant for being used outdoors. These units are either equipped with a dedicated propane hook up that can be utilized as a natural gas line or a tank, or they are suited for being used over the propane stove. This latter type mainly comes in the form of large stockpots that are fitted with fryer kits; i.e. usually a thermometer, a lid and a poultry rack.

A commercial gas fryer device can present users with clean, efficient heat that makes them dependable. The only fuel source that is going to work with all the four different types of fryers is gas. On the other hand, electric is not the ideal option for people who are working with a tube type fryer.

Description : The oil-less deep fryers can be easily powered by propane or electricity. This variant of home deep fryer serves as a versatile cooking system that is meant for producing the same kind of restaurant-style fried taste but without the expense, hassle and the mess of handling large quantities of cooking oil. Numerous models of oil-less deep fryer can also perform other types of cooking tasks such as steaming or stir-frying.

Although it is not completely oil-less, T-fal ActiFry actually needs one tablespoon of oil for providing the traditional deep frying flavor without the perils of cooking with significant quantities of oil. The self-stirring design of these appliances is perfect for cooking a wide range of food items such as risotto and stir-fry dishes which can be accomplished with less fuss than what is associated with the traditional, stove-top systems. The nonstick interiors and the dishwasher-safe parts allow users to clean them easily.

Description : A ribbon-like, thin metal element encircles the bottom part of these commercial fryer devices, offering heat much in the same manner like a typical tube type fryer. As the element in these fryers has got more surface area than a standard tube type fryer, it is possible to heat the oil quicker and recover the heat more rapidly. The ribbon fryers come with shallower, wider frypots than the other types of floor model fryers and this makes them particularly well suited for foods such as funnel cake. However, they are best suited for commercial kitchens that mostly produce food items that float in the fryer. The ones that sink can get easily burnt by shallow elements present in certain ribbon-style fryers. Deposition of the sediments can speed up the breakdown of the oil in a commercial fryer. This means that unless you perform regular cleaning on it, you might end up spending additional money on getting a new one. The ribbon fryer is a type of electric commercial fryer and no commercial gas variant of this fryer is available in the market.

The element present in the ribbon fryers permits quicker heat up as well as recovery of heat. The wide frypots make it possible to work with multiple fryer baskets and/or foods simultaneously, which are important for busy commercial kitchens.

Which Deep Fryer suits your needs ?

What you should look for :The capacity of a Deep Fryer is an important factor while selecting a fryer. So select a capacity which suits your requirements. A ‘compact’ fryer of an average size can hold around 1.5 lbs of oil.

What you should look for : A “cool-wall” body is going to help you in preventing yourself from getting burned while working with the fryer. With a viewing window, you can easily monitor the general progress of flying process without the need to open its lid. When you need to add the food items to the oil, you can make use of the rise and fall basket. The auto-switch-off is going to make sure that the device’s heating element is going to turn off in case the oil gets too hot. Your hands will be kept safe from the steam and hot oil by a locking lid.

What you should look for :Fryers that come with number of removable parts are rather easier to clean. Certain models of fryers come with drainage tubes that enable them to easily drain oil away. The cleaning process is also made simple by the dishwasher safe parts. Some fryers come with a permanent filter that is also washable. The user needs to change this filter only if it gets damaged.

What you should look for :This is really a no-brainer in relation to any kitchen equipment. The Energy Star Fryers present excellent power or resource saving opportunities. They can save about $590 annually for gas or $120 for electricity. The best part about using these fryers is that you can save more money with them by following good practices. By cutting about four hours of your idle time on a daily basis, you can easily save another $400 annually for the gas fryer.

What you should look for : A grease drain makes it possible for you to easily get rid of the grease through a hose. Generally, the oil gets filtered out at the same time for separating any remaining food. It is also the easiest way for filtering oil in case you are planning on using it later again. It is not only healthy but also reduces the buildup of odour significantly.

Meaning of some frequently used terms

Meaning : It refers to the specific duration for which a particular food is kept at some specific temperature. The duration varies depending on the food type, oil absorption and the desired outcome. In order to attain the best results, the temperatures should be ideally maintained at 330-350 degrees during the beginning of fry cycle; then getting it reduced to almost 330 degrees for a brief duration and then raising it again to 330-350 degrees.

Computerized fryers can easily adjust the cook times in response to the average oil temperature. They can also maintain steady cooking curve meant for some specific product.

Meaning :Fry life refers to the time that the oil lasts in the deep fryer before it gets broken down and affects the food quality negatively.

Regular fryer maintenance along with cleaning practices and using high-quality frying oil can help to increase the fry life.

Meaning :A less turbulent, more temperate space below the fryer’s cooking area where crumbs and various other contaminants accumulate from oil fall.

Sediment zones, also known as cold zones, are areas that help to improve the food quality as well as oil longevity by preventing the particles from carbonizing.

Meaning :The heating element is among the most important parts of the deep fryer. It is this that takes the power of the device and changes it into heat which in turn heats the oil in the deep fryer. Considering that the oil needs to be heated to a high temperature, it requires a strong heating element.

Modern fryers include a basket for raising the food and separating it from the oil once cooking is done. Fryers frequently come with various useful features like timers with audible alarms, measures for preventing food crumbs from being over cooked, automatic devices for raising and lowering the basket into oil, ventilation systems for reducing frying odors, electronic or mechanical temperature controls and oil filters for extending the oil’s usable life. Deep fryers are utilized for cooking different kinds of fast foods and give them a crispy finish.

In case the heating element burns out or fails for some reason, you can get it replaced quite easily. The heating element is going to be located just under the deep fryer’s basket.

Meaning :The temperature of the oil is regulated by the thermostat. As the heating element is responsible for heating the oil, the thermostat determines when the device’s heating element should go off and then again come back on so that the temperature of the oil is maintained at the preset temperature, either set on the control panel or internally.

In case the thermostat has a problem, then the oil will continuously get heated which can lead to overcooking of the food. If the oil gets too hot, it can set the device on fire. Usually, the thermostat has a control panel which allows the user to make all necessary adjustments and get the desired temperature.

Meaning :The control panel is the deep fryer part that you can really see. It allows you to make necessary adjustments needed for the food and the oil, as different oil comes with different smoke points. Oil is going to gather on the control panel with continued use of the deep fryer. Hence, it is best to clean the control panel and keep it free of grease so that the controls do not slip and your hands are protected from spilling oil. It is important that you know how to operate the controls on deep fryer as it will allow you to get most from your unit. The deep fryer device is accompanied by a manual which offers various details on the control panel and other components of the device.

Meaning :Filters are a very important part of the deep fryer system. It helps the user to extend the life of oil and save a lot of money. It can remove tiny bits of food particles to allow the oil to be recycled or reused. There are three basic types of filters – charcoal, oil vapor, and paper.

The oil will break down as you cook and small pieces of food are going to break off. If a deep fryer has a good filter it can help to keep oil cleaner which can in turn improve the taste of the cooked food. Most deep fryers these days are equipped with a filter as a standard. So if you are shopping for new deep fryer, do make sure that it has a filter and that it can be easily cleaned.

Meaning :Numerous models of deep fryers come with a lid. Although it prevents you from seeing the food as it gets fried which makes it hard for you to understand when your food is being done. When you are not actually using the device, the lid helps to keep the inside of the device cleaner, thus preventing any dust particles from dropping in. Hence, it is always better to get a deep fryer that comes with a lid.

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