Cooking Range Buying Guide


What is a Cooking Range?

A cooking range is a device that can meet all cooking needs with a single appliance. You can perform cooking, baking or grilling – everything in a single device. A cooking range is a high-end device that is slowly gaining popularity in Indian homes.

What are the features of a cooking range?

As mentioned above, a cooking range is a multi-purpose device that performs all your cooking functions. Here are some of the features of a cooking range:

Cooking ranges come with gas stoves with 3, 4 or 5 burners. These are regular gas stoves that can be used for cooking purposes. Just like regular gas stoves, these burners come in different sizes, such as large, small and medium.

Cooking ranges come with grilling chambers for preparing your favorited grilled food dishes. The grill operates on gas. You can use the grill chambers for making grilled chicken or grilled sandwiches.

With a cooking range, you don’t have to worry about buying a separate oven for baking purposes. Cooking ranges come with two types of oven – gas or electricity. Depending on your preferences, you can choose any one of the two.

Electric ovens are thermostatically controlled, providing a more even temperature and consistent cooking. However, if the power goes off, you can’t use the electric oven. On the other hand, gas ovens are preferred by those who bake a lot of breads and pies.

It is an electrically-powered stove used for cooking, heating or warming food. Electric hot plate is somewhat similar to an induction plate. An iron plate is used in electric hot plates, which heats up and the heat is transferred to the pan. It can provide more consistent cooking as opposed to gas cooktops.

Heat resistant glass is made to resist thermal shock. Some models of cooking ranges come with heat resistant glass doors for the oven, because things can really hot when baking. This feature ensures the glass can resist the high heat generated during the baking process.

Spill trays in an oven help in preventing fillings oozing over to the oven floor. This helps in keeping the oven floor clean. Spill trays in oven also helps in moving awkward pans out of the oven, as not all baking pans have handles. Picking up the whole tray is much easier than trying to move such pans out with oven mitts.

This type of knob saves cooking time and makes the cooking process easier.

With the auto ignition feature, you don’t have to look for a lighter or a matchstick to light up the gas stove.

Things to Look Out when Buying a Cooking Range:

The price of a cooking range can vary from upwards of Rs. 20,000 to more than Rs. 90,000. High end models come with more burner cooktops, bigger-capacity ovens, and features like digital timers. Try and understand all the features of a cooking range and whether you need all these features before investing in a high-end cooking range. For most families, a basic cooking range with 4 burners should be adequate.

As seen above, cooking ranges come with different features. You should check whether you really need a particular feature before buying a cooking range. For example, some cooking ranges will come with an optional motorized rotisserie. This feature is essential only for those who plan to make a lot of non-vegetarian food. For vegetarians, this feature is not needed. Therefore, you should understand each and every feature before buying a cooking range.

Cooking ranges can take up a lot of space. Some models are tall and thin, whereas some are short and more wide. Check out the available space in your kitchen to arrive at the right dimensions for your cooking range.

Different brands offer different warranty on cooking ranges. Some brands may offer a 2-year warranty while some may provide a 1-year warranty. Check out the different warranty options and go for a brand that offers a longer warranty.

The capacity of oven varies by cooking range. If you have a large family and you frequently bake a lot of cakes, then you should opt for a cooking range of a bigger capacity, say 40 liters. For smaller families, a capacity of 20 liters should be sufficient. Brands like Faber India offer cooking ranges with a capacity of 114 liters. Naturally, these huge-capacity ovens are useful for those who are into professional baking or have a large circle of family and friends.

A cooking range can come in diverse colors such as black or gray. Choose a color and design that matches your kitchen’s design, and doesn’t look out of the place.

What are the brands offering cooking ranges in India?

In India, you can buy cooking range from the following brands:

Glossary of terms:

This refers to the gas stove that comes with a cooking range. With a cooking range, you don’t have to worry about buying a separate gas cooktop.

This is a cooking device for roasting meat and other food items. It features a rotating spit, which ensures the food is cooked from all the sides. Rotisserie can either be motorized or manual. For those who are heavily into non-veg food, should opt for a motorized rotisserie.

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