Air Fryer Buying Guide


What is an Air Fryer?

An Air Fryer is a popular choice among latest kitchen appliances. It is similar to a small oven and it cooks food in the same way as a regular oven does, but by using only a small amount of oil.An air fryer heats in no time.It is low maintenance than a conventional deep fryer or an oven.

An air fryer is the best appliance for frying chips, samosas, spring rolls,vadas, French Fries, chicken legs, and much more.

Why does one need an Air Fryer?

 An Air Fryer is a new entrant in the Indian market of electrical appliances.With the advancements in science, people have become more conscious about the health effects of food.More people are looking at ways to consume less and less oil in their daily diet.An Air Fryer is a thing for you if you want to eat your French Fries, yet are conscious of the calories you down.

Benefits of an Air Fryer:

An Air Fryer allows you to prepare food in very little oil, thus making food items healthy and low fat.It uses about 80% less oil than conventional deep frying methods.Not only does it use less oil, but it also enriches the taste of food by making the fried food crispier.

An Air Fryer can be used not only for frying chips and French Fries, but also for frying chicken, vegetables, pakodas, and other fried delicacies.

An Air Fryer cooks by circulating hot stream of air.The-air circulation helps to cook the food from all sides.

Most fryers come with a recipe book to help you make the most out of the air fryer.So not only can you get healthy food, but you can learn a lot more newrecipes to cook.

Air fryersare easy to use and easy to clean than a regular deep fryer.Food can be fried within a few minutes.You do not have to wait near the fryer watching over the frying process, as required in conventional deep frying.Air fryer also saves you from the oil fumes and exhaust gases.It is very easy to operate.All you have to do is put the food items inside, switch it on, and relax.

The air fryer will automatically switch off when it has finished with the frying process.You can leave the food inside the fryer even after it has switched off without the risk of burning the food.

With an Air Fryer, you don’t have the problem of storing leftover oil or disposing off old oil.

What are the different types of Air Fryer?

Air Fryers can be classified according to their design or according to their functionality.

Based on the design, air fryers are categorized as:

Paddle Type air fryers are designed to contain a rotating paddle that stirs and turns the food while cooking.It will turn your food upside down, while hot air circulates around it,ensuring that the food is properly cooked.Paddle type air fryers are multifunctional and can also cook curries along with fried foods.They are more expensive than other models.

Basket Air Fryers contains a basket in which food is placed along with some coating of oil.They come with a handle to allow tossing of food a couple of times during the cooking process.Basket type air fryers are gentle on food items covered with batter.They are more cost-effective than their paddle-type counterparts.

Based on the mechanism of frying, Air Fryers can be further categorized into three types:

In a static air fryer, there is hot air circulation around the food while the food remains stationary.

Dynamic Air Fryer is the same as paddle air fryer.

In a halogen air fryer, a halogen light bulb replaces the standard heating coils.A halogen air fryer can be static or dynamic.Halogen heating element is thought to be more efficient than the heating coils.

Another added advantage of a halogen bulb is it lights up the frying chamber, so you can keep an eye on your food while it is being cooked through the transparent glass cover of the fryer.

What to look for when buying anAir Fryer?

Though an air fryer is a small and low-profile appliance, there is more to it than you could expect.When shopping for an air fryer, make sure you go through the following checklist.

Air fryers come in different sizes.Depending on how much counter space you are willing to dedicate to the air fryer, choose an appropriate model.

Based on what you want your air fryer to do, you will need to select the proper type of air fryer. Paddle type can also be used for cooking liquid items such as curries and risottos.Basket type air fryer is more suited for frying chips, fries, and chicken.

Capacity of an air fryer is measured in liters, and it generally indicates the capacity of the basket or the cooking chamber.The capacity measure will help you determine how much food you can cook at a time.

A standard air fryer can cook between 0.8 kg to 1 kg of food, which is enough to cook a daily meal.However, frying an entire chicken may need larger than regular sized fryer.Fryers are available in small, medium, and large sizes.Smaller models have a capacity of 1.2 liters, while larger models can be around 5 liters.Some manufactures make fryers that contain two baskets giving you the liberty of frying two different foods at a time.

Many models come with a unique feature of a rotating basket which require less oil.Also, food fried with the help of a rotating basket is more evenly cooked.

In the process of frying, it is very important to have the right temperature of oil in order to have a perfectly cooked item.In case the oil does not heatat the right temperature, it can make the fried food soggy and wet.You should choose a model that has a temperature regulator in the form of thermostat, an indicator, and a timer to inform you of the correct temperature settings.

Many modern air fryers today come with a number of safety features.Most models have well insulated exterior handles so that one does not get their hands burnt.Most manufacturers provide the air fryers with a lid-locking system to avoid splashing of oil.Some air fryers have a non-slip mechanism at the base to prevent the spilling of oil when touched accidentally.

Most models of air fryers have an automatic cut-off setting to cut the power to the fryer and prevent it from overheating.Some brands of fryers have a unique exterior basket control feature that enables you to lower the basketin the oil without having to open the lid of the fryer.

Choose a model of air fryer that is easy to clean.There are some brands available in the market with parts that can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

In some air fryers, basketsare placed inside a removable trolley, while in others, basket can be removed from top by opening the lid of the fryer.Choose the removable basket model in case you do not have adequate space for removing the basket from the top.

What brands are reliable and available in the market?

Some of the best air fryer brands in India are:

Glossary of Terms:

Rapid Air technology is used in air fryers to fry, grill, roast, or even bake food using very little oil.

Air fryers have adjustable temperature and timer controls integrated into their design to set the temperature and cooking time.

An auto off function switches off the fryer if it detects overheating or if the frying process is complete.

Some air fryers are designed in such a way that they have greater cooking efficiency.

Dishwasher safe parts can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher without the fear of breaking or spoiling them.The removable basket drawer and the basket can be cleaned in a dishwasher.