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What are the different type of Air Conditioners?

Description : This is among the preferred models of an air conditioner, acknowledged for its durability and efficiency. This popular model in the United States could even be installed in a wall 11 inches thick.

Benefits : This air conditioner variety always exhibits best performance rate irrespective of being installed in a house, truck, boat, or walk-in-cooler.

Example Usage of Terminology : Viyors Wind AC

Description : For limited availability of wall space, a mini-split model would work best for you. Internationally, this variety is among the most widely used, and most affordably priced.

Benefits : Although these are nearly double the cost of a window a/c it is also the more efficient. Integrated CoolBot system prevents excess use of electricity. Operational cost is greatly reduced.

Example Usage of Terminology : Ductless Mini Split air conditioners

Description : These units are double the cost of window air conditioners and are known to pose electrical troubles.

Benefits : There is a dedicated segment of happy users of this air conditioner.

Example Usage of Terminology : LG Wall air conditioner

Description : These are available in single and double hose varieties. CoolBot technology is completely absent in single hose varieties.

Benefits : These are generally inefficient and fail to cool a room below a certain level, somewhere around 45?F.

Example Usage of Terminology : LG portable air conditioner

Description : Digital RV based air conditioners are only manufactured by a few companies among which ‘Dometic’ is one. Digital RV class of air conditioners belong to high-end category. Their less expensive models have greater surface area allowing faster heat transfer.

Benefits : Among two people using this technology one offered a positive feedback by staying in 45F. The other person was unable to comment on the performance of the air conditioner as his comforting temperature of 30F was reached without any trouble.

Example Usage of Terminology : RV air conditioner

Description : These are very expensive and not recommended for regular use.

Benefits : It is built with CoolBot technology, which is a positive feature of this model.

Example Usage of Terminology : Ductless Mini Split air conditioners

Meaning of some frequently used terms

Meaning : Air Conditioner Industry’s trade association is known as ACCA – Air Conditioning Contractors of America

Benefits : This helps the consumers to have easy access to their great resources, including good installation contractors.

Meaning : The amount of air moved by the duct system

Benefits : Generally, 400 cfm (cubic feet per minute) air is moved by the Air Conditioners for every ton of capacity. In Humid climate, it can be lower ( about 350 cfm/ton) and in the dry climate, it can be higher (upto 500 cfm/ton).

Example Usage of Terminology : If you don’t change the filter, the air flow will go down, and the system will not perform well. Not only that, but if the filter is too dirty, it starts to become a source or air pollution itself.

Meaning : For a split  Air conditioner, the indoor unit’s guts are contained in this box.

Benefits : It is mainly the blower of the unit. However it also contains other heating and cooling components like evaporator coil, furnace, etc.)

Example Usage of Terminology : If you take the filter out completely, you would solve the low air flow problem, but this victory would be short lived. The particles that the filter would have taken out will now build up on your evaporator coil and eventually cause it to fail. A new filter is a lot cheaper.

Meaning : The transition sheet metal piece which connects the grill or register on one side and the ducts on the other side.

 Example Usage of Terminology : The AC Boot and this nice creation by Andrew Davis I decided to build something like the ac boot since I needed to travel light and didn’t want to bring along all that ducting required for the second idea.

Meaning : This is the heart of the Air Conditioner  responsible for pumping the refrigerant and pressurising it.

Benefits : It is part of the outside unit of the air conditioners, the condensing unit.

Example Usage of Terminology : R32 Compressor

Meaning : EER is the efficiency rating for window ACs. BTU/Hr divided by electricity inputs in watts.

Meaning : The heat that is required to convert a liquid into gas without changing the temperature. So in AC’s perspective the heat required to remove the moisture from the air.

Example Usage of Terminology : A refrigerator uses a condenser to get rid of heat extracted from the interior of the unit to the outside air.

Meaning : Thermodynamic cycle that helps the Air Conditioners to remove heat from inside the room/house to outside.

Meaning : The heat that is  to be removed by the Air Conditioner  to make the room colder.

Meaning : Static Pressure is the pressure in the duct system of an Air Conditioner.

Example Usage of Terminology : Split air conditioner

Meaning : The capacity of an Air Conditioner is measured by Tons of an AC.  12000 BTU per Hour is equivalent to 1 ton Air Conditioning.

Example Usage of Terminology : 4 ton air conditioner

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