Advantages of using a Fan Heater


Space heaters or room heaters are a good way to keep you warm when winter gets chilly and unbearable.Space heaters are particularly necessary if you have elderly people or babies at home.

If you’re looking to cut down on the utility costs of heating by opting for a space heater that uses less electricity but promises higher performance, you should be looking for a fan-forced space heater.

Listed below are the advantages of fan heaters.

Cost-Efficient:Fan heatersare the cheapest of all models of room heaters.They use a fan to blow warm air into the room,generally heated by a ceramic heating element.Owing to their straightforward design, fan-forced heaters are more affordable.Both the upfront and operational costs of a fan heater are less compared to other models.Their prices start from as low as Rs. 900 onwards, making them lowinvestment appliances.

Safety:Fan heaters are safer to use because the ceramic heating element doesnot get excessively hot as in other models of room heaters.The heaters come with an in-built sensor that cuts off the flow of electricity,in case the heating element gets heated over 380 degrees F.

Portable:Fan-forced heaters are small and compact, which makes them highly portable.They can be effortlessly carried from one room to another to allow for customized heating.Some fan heaters are equipped with handles to carry them around.

Easy Installation:Due to their compact designs, fan heaters can be easily mounted on a tabletop.They do not require heavy duty installation.All you need is a power outlet to get going.They can be put up in bathrooms as well.

No Noise Disturbance:It is not that the fan heaters are completely silent, but they generate hardly-noticeable sound.All they do is produce a mild hum.Given the tradeoff between efficiency and low cost, the mild humming of a fan heater can be easily ignored.

Greater Efficiency:A fan heater uniformly transfers heat in the entire room thereby warming the place evenly.An oscillator distributes warm air equally throughout the room.Using 1000 watts of heat, fan heaters can warm approximately 100 square feet of space, thus being highly effective in heating small enclosed areas such as study rooms, office cabins, etc.

Fan heaters tend to keep the room warm even after they are switched off.Most models are designed to have two power settings to allow for greater control over heating.You can choose the setting depending upon how warm you want your room environment to be.An adjustable thermostat will help in further switching on and off the unit at a pre-set temperature.

Multipurpose:Most models of fan heaters are engineered with a fan-only feature that enables you to use the fan without having to use the heater.Meaning that you can use the fan heater even in summer for cooling purposes.

Convenient to Use:Fan heaters are easy to use.They do not have many complicated functions.Most fan heater models come with a remote control that enables you to change the settings easily from any corner of the room.

Customized Heating:Fan heaters are ideal for customized heating.They will only heat the rooms that you want to be heated, thereby cutting down on your electricity bills by turning off the centralized thermostat.


Fan heaters not only are low maintenance and highly efficient, but they also contribute to the lower greenhouse gas emissions thereby contributing positively to the environment.With the fan heaters, you can experience heat the moment you hit the switch on.Fan-forced heaters are an ideal choice for homes looking for comfort and efficiency at a lower cost.